Sunline Awarded Data Governance Expert Award at the 2021 DAMA China Data Management Summit
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On October 22-23, 2021 DAMA China Data Management Summit was organized and hosted by the International Data Management Association (DAMA) China in Jing'an District, Shanghai.

The summit focused on data management and digital transformation, sharing the industry’s best practices and applications. During the summit, the winners for Data Governance Expert Awards were announced and Chen Yuyuan, General Manager of Sunline’s Data Asset Management Department won the "Top 10 DAMA China Data Governance Experts Award” for his outstanding project experiences in the field of data governance and excellent achievements in the industry.

As a senior expert in the field of financial data governance for more than a decade, Chen Yuyuan has helped provide data governance consulting and implementation services for more than 60 financial institution customers. He also represented the company to participate in many national standards and industry standards planning, translation and proofreading of DAMA-DMBOK2 as well as assisted many banks to complete the appraisal of scientific and technological achievements of the People's Bank of China, making numerous contributions to the development of the data governance field.

During the summit, Sunline shared in-depth practices and applications in the field of data governance based on the company’s accumulated implementation experience in the field of data governance:

Gu Min, General Manager of Sunline’s Big Data Business share the "Solution for Commercial Bank Data Management Application System", focusing on the digital transformation path for commercial banks, from business digitization, digital assetization and asset servicing to service businessization, layered analysis and interpretation to help banks build an integrated data closed-loop, enabling banks to become smart banks with the support of financial technology.

Chen Yuyuan gave a speech on "Enterprise Data Quality Governance with DMBOK2", sharing the requirements of data quality standards, data quality testing, analysis, improvement and evaluation. The step-by-step guide aims to help business personnel to better participate in data quality governance. Chen shared that the key to the improvement of enterprise data quality lies in the establishment of business personnel’s quality concept. With the help of data standard management, data model management, metadata management, data quality management and other tools, business personnel can quickly establish a closed-loop data governance management and ultimately realize business driven through data quality management.

China’s 14th five-year plan (FYP) and the country’s 2035 long-term goal outline pointed out that businesses should welcome the digital age, activate the potential of data elements and that a sound data governance system is conducive to the market-oriented allocation of data elements and plays an important role in promoting the high-quality development of the digital economy.

Sunline has always placed high importance on ingenuity, continuously polishing data governance solutions, actively participating in the promotion of national-level data governance to help financial institutions tap the value of data assets to meet the opportunities and challenges under the digital wave as well as promoting the continuous improvement of China's digital level and continuous innovation.

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