The Highlights of Sunline's Third Quarter Wins
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In the third quarter of 2021 where the market development is in full swing, Sunline has maintained a consistent and stable growth trend especially in the major banks and provincial rural credit market, with the winning of projects from China Merchants Bank, Ping An Bank, China Everbright Bank, Liaoning Rural Credit, Zhejiang Rural Credit Union, Bank of Nanjing and Jiangnan Rural Commercial:

·       Huaxia Bank

Innovative intelligent application in banking managerial accounting

In order to better play the role of the managerial accounting platform in supporting the transformation and refinement of management in the entire bank, Huaxia Bank launched the intelligent construction of managerial accounting, focusing on improving the intelligent level, intelligent analysis capabilities, data analysis, forecasting capabilities as well as data flexibility of the managerial platform.

Sunline uses intelligent analysis models and technologies to provide Huaxia Bank with data analysis and decision support to establish customer value evaluation and tracking, realize data visualization and mobile data interaction and comprehensively enhance Huaxia Bank’s data analysis and decision-making support. The project will provide a good example for the deepening application of managerial accounting in the banking industry.

·       China Everbright Bank

Big data services expand further into big banks

With the continuous business development and strengthening of regulatory requirements, China Everbright Bank has put forward higher requirements on the quality of anti-money laundering inspection data and data preparation efficiency.

With rich industry experience and in-depth understanding of banking regulatory requirements, Sunline has customized an optimized anti-money laundering inspection data management platform solution for China Everbright Bank which realizes enhanced anti-money laundering data inspection quality, data governance and corporate risk assessment, providing strong support for the bank to comprehensively improve the quality of incoming inspection data and efficiency of data preparation.

·       Liaoning Rural Credit Union

In-depth data governance improving quality and safety

In order to specifically rectify and supervise data quality, establish a long-term mechanism for data governance as well as leverage data value in operation and management, Liaoning Rural Credit initiated the construction of the second phase of its data governance project.

Based on the results of the first phase of Liaoning Rural Credit Data Governance Project, Sunline has established a data asset and indicator management platform, expanding the scope of data management and control as well as continuously promote the management of regulatory data quality based on the "Data Security Management Measures" issued by Liaoning Rural Credit, enabling the establishment of a classification system for data security levels, sort out of data security threats, improvement of data security management strategies as well as comprehensively expand data security use, security management and control capabilities.

·       Bank of Jilin

Another representative project in the general ledger field of provincial-level city commercial banks

In order to solve the problems of insufficient multi-dimensional information, non-unified accounting and high pressure on business innovation, Bank of Jilin has established a centralized and unified accounting center for the whole bank. Bank of Jilin officially launched the construction of a transaction-level general ledger system. The transaction-level general ledger system customized by Sunline for the bank not only effectively supports the separation of transaction and accounting to realize unified management of accounting rules across the bank, drive business innovation and rapidly response to changes in accounting rules but also build a complete business and financial integration data model that consolidate the foundation of industrial and financial integration data, providing a reliable source of information for supervision, operation analysis and external letter approval. This project is another representative project of Sunline in the general ledger field of provincial-level city commercial banks after Hubei Bank, Sichuan Bank and Shanxi Bank.

At the same time, Sunline also won the data warehouse project for the Bank of Jilin. In line with the requirements of the Bank of Jilin to implement unified data standard, Sunline provides a powerful technology platform for massive data calculation and complex model processing, realizing comprehensive logical centralization of data and data sharing that comprehensively, timely and accurately display the important operating conditions of the head office and branches to help Bank of Jilin to fully tap the value of data.

·       Huarong Xiangjiang Bank

Create a full-function core banking system for provincial-level city commercial banks

Huarong Xiangjiang Bank is a provincial-level city commercial bank based in Hunan. Since its establishment, it has closely followed Hunan's economic and social development strategy and actively implemented the development tenet of "based on Hunan, relying on Hunan, supporting Hunan and serving Hunan". In order to provide customers with an all-rounded and characteristic financial services as well as comprehensively enhance the bank’s business innovation and competitiveness, Huarong Xiangjiang Bank initiated the construction of a new generation core banking system.

Sunline will build a new generation core banking system for Huarong Xiangjiang Bank which will realize flexible product configuration and rapid customization, differentiated customer pricing, unified channel support, multi-legal person support, refined data collection and other full-function modules to provide the bank with complete channels and flexible operation supports that can quickly innovate products, scientifically control risks as well as comprehensively improve business processing efficiency and customer service capabilities.

·       Zhejiang Tailong Commercial Bank

Create a new generation smart financial system with highly interconnected data

Zhejiang Tailong Commercial Bank is a joint-stock city commercial bank. Since its establishment, it has always insisted on "serving small and micro enterprises as well as practicing inclusive finance". In order to further enhance the digital, intelligent and refined level of the bank's financial management, technical means are used to improve financial efficiency, optimize user experience and strengthen financial risk control for the bank and Zhejiang Tailong Commercial Bank decided to launch a smart financial system.

Sunline has customized a new generation smart financial system for the bank to undertake business-related systems, issue management applications and conduct close data interconnection with a large number of systems, realizing the integration of industry and finance through scenario-based management of expenses and providing high value for business decision-making data that penetrates the essence of the business. At the same time, it also realizes intelligent identification and intelligent filling of forms on the employee side, intelligent risk control and intelligent accounting on the financial side, efficient, rapid approval and intelligent analysis on the leadership side as well as comprehensively improves the management and operation efficiency of the bank.

·       Liuzhou Bank

Create a highly agile data center with "real-time capabilities"

In order to satisfy applications such as mobile banking and cockpit management to obtain real-time data services and improve the efficiency of operation and management, Liuzhou Bank has made every effort to create a data middle-office project.

Sunline uses real-time data collection technology combined with real-time computing components of the big data platform to integrate offline data and real-time data, flexibly arranging the combined data as needed and publishing it to the data service gateway through API, service subscription, etc., to build a unified data service system in order to quickly respond to the real-time data service needs of Liuzhou Bank's business staff and system developers, ultimately realize flexible, configurable and fast-response data service capabilities.

Looking at the growth in the third quarter, Sunline has shown outstanding performance in the core banking system, big data, financial management and other fields. With strong innovation strength, comprehensive product lines and professional services, Sunline has empowered high-quality transformation and development of financial institutions.

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