Global leading financial technology solutions provider Global leading financial technology solutions provider
Global leading financial technology solutions provider
Global leading financial technology solutions provider
Wang Changchun
Chairman, Sunline
•  Vice President, Shenzhen Federation of Industry and Commerce
•  2017 China IT Service Industry Influential Leader Award
•  Most Competitive Leader of National Financial Software
•  Deputy Director, Financial Information Technology Professional Committee of China Information Technology Service Industry Alliance
Mr. Wang graduated from Tsinghua University with Finance EMBA and established Sunline in 2002. He has since been leading a group of excellent professionals with great ambitions in pursuing excellence through innovation with the mission to make Sunline the top global financial technology provider that empowers domestic and foreign banks with digital transformation through technological innovation. Under Mr. Wang's leadership and in response to the country's Belt and Road Initiative as well as the Digital Era, Sunline is has begun its oversea outreach in 2016 to bring forth the technology advancement and successful domestic reformation to the global financial industry.
In the future, if the country needs a company to carry the banner of China's financial technology, I hope it will be Sunline. We hope that through the joint efforts of everyone in Sunline, the world will be a better place!
Sunline always remembers and take care of their employees, as long as the employees values the company’s interest.
We hope to build a platform to allow talented and motivated individuals to make use of their talents to obtain achievements and rewards.
It is our ultimate goal to make a difference to humanity.
Innovative always – It’s the gene of Sunline.
We can spend decades or generations to turn a company into a great one.
Sunline does not believe in genius; the company believes that everyone can become a genius.
Business strategies include pan-financial, digitization, globalization.
Organizational change focuses include simplifying work processes and reducing work levels, downward innovation and decision-making, boldly employing new graduates especially for front-line as well as positive work culture that advocates learning, exploration and discussion in the team.
Several strategies for the future include an incentive mechanism, raising technical threshold and focus on the industry, embracing new economy and new normal, catching up with the wave of ‘Internet+’ as well as being bold in exploring the blue ocean.
The company will also evolve into Sunline 2.0 especially these two aspects - Technology 2.0 and Management 2.0 to improve our products and services.
Great changes may mean subversion with no boundaries in what we think, no boundaries to exploration and no boundaries to businesses.
We emphasize the training and introduction of talents. To a certain extent, this is more important than the development of a business. At the same time, we believe that the training of existing talents comes first and introducing new talents comes later. We pay more attention to the bettering our i
It is very important for us to focus on core competitiveness and this is what the entire country is doing. So what is our core competitiveness? I think it our originality and independence.
We should not be afraid to make mistakes. What should we be really afraid of? We should be afraid of not having the chance to make mistakes.
Mr. Wang With The World in Mind
Sunline's Attitude Under Great Changes
Sunline's Attitude Under Great Changes
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