We Lead the Development of Empowering Technologies and Innovation in the Financial Industry
With advanced technologies and rich products, Sunline helps customers quickly innovate business, optimize user experience and accelerate digital transformation
A pioneer in financial technology innovation
Has created multiple No.1s in core business systems, Internet finance, big data, big ledger, smart finance and other fields
Forerunning Chinese fintech brand venturing overseas
Sunline started going international in line with China’s ‘Belt and Road’ initiative and has taken the lead in promoting digital banking concept overseas, setting a steady foothold in the banking technology market in Southeast Asia.
Sunline is Confident About the Road Ahead

With deep business knowledge, rich implementation experience and innovative genes, more than 800 financial institutions globally choose to partner with sunline in their digital transformation journey

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Large State-owned Commercial Banks
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Policy and Development Banks
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Joint-stock Banks
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Provincial Rural and Rural Credit Cooperatives
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City Commercial Banks
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Private Banks
The new generation core banking system built by Sunline for our bank, marking the first application of domestic distributed database in core banking system. The successful commissioning of this project effectively improved our bank's external service capabilities, realizing prompt responses to the development needs of financial services in the Internet era and laying a solid foundation for our bank's strategic transformation.
——A Rural Commercial Bank
Sunline has set an industry record with the shortest project completion in 13 months for the core banking system jointly developed by our bank and Sunline. The system is stable, has high transaction efficiency and short end-of-day time with strong performances that exceeds our expectations. The new system achieved a major leap in terms of capabilities, processing from tens of millions to hundreds of millions of accounts and daily transactions.
——A Domestic Joint-stock Bank
Sunline has led the upgrade of our bank's core business system and successfully commissioned the efficiency and stability of the operation of the project, creating a new practice for our bank as an adaptation to the trend of financial industry reform and build a financial technology empowerment system. Sunline demonstrated strength and responsibility of a leading IT service provider for banks in terms of business expertise and project management.
——A Rural Commercial Bank
Sunline provides professional development and support services for our bank's treasury information processing system, realizing smooth and efficient treasury information processing system. Sunline is a trustworthy partner of our choice and we highly recognize your technical and business capabilities.
——A Domestic Joint-stock Bank
Sunline is one of the first batch of service providers we cooperate with since the establishment of our bank. For more than 3 years, Sunline and our bank have been advancing hand in hand, forging ahead and have successfully built and completed a number of important data applications. Professionalism and focus are the valuable qualities of Sunline. In the future, Sunline will continue to be one of our important partners as we walk the path of data-driven and data empowerment.
——A Domestic Private Bank
Sunline is a leading enterprise in the field of core banking systems and is our strong alliance partner, building our new generation core banking system which integrated our existing business systems and peripheral systems of the main bank as well as remote branches, helping our bank meet the differentiated needs of each branches, strengthening our information security, enhancing our business development and increasing the overall competitiveness of our bank during the critical period of our digital transformation journey, ultimately empowering our bank in realizing our development strategy.
——A Domestic Regional Bank
In the direct banking project when Sunline set up a direct banking system cluster to complete the comprehensive construction of a direct banking deposit, lending and foreign exchange business system, Sunline has laid a solid foundation for the sustainable development of our direct banking business. Sunline is our trustworthy partner and is a leading financial IT enterprise in the digital era with mature solutions and rich implementation experience.
——A Domestic Regional Bank
Sunline implemented our new generation core banking system. The mature products, professionalism, technology innovation and efficient execution of Sunline ensured the smooth implementation of the entire project. The successful commissioning of the efficient and stable operation of this project became a new practice for our bank in adapting the trend of financial industry reformation and is of great significance in our milestone of future proofing our financial services and achieving high-quality development.
——A Domestic Regional Bank
The core banking system of our bank was built by Sunline. The mature product technology and strong on-site development team helped our bank achieve a smooth transition. After the system went online, our bank’s transaction capacity and high concurrency processing efficiency have been greatly improved.
——A Domestic Regional Bank
Sunline has mature data asset management solutions. Through cooperation with Sunline, our company has realized the implementation of data governance consulting results, including data governance management system and operation rules, data management and control tool platform, etc.
——A Domestic Securities Company
In the asset core business system construction project that we cooperated with Sunline, we found their entire team to have high communication efficiency and strong technical strength, completing the project as planned with high efficiency and quality. Sunline’s rigorous management, professional and dedicated employees as well as great project team with excellent execution has left a deep impression on our leaders and colleagues.
——A Domestic Asset Management Company
Bank of Communications
CHINA  Everbright Bank
The Import-Export Bank of China
China Minsheng Banking Corp., Ltd
Industrial Bank
Professionalism and Innovation are Our Foundation
Sunline has strong technological innovation capabilities and professional services, providing advanced products and solutions for financial institutions
Industry Solutions
Industry Solutions
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Relying on cutting-edge technologies such as distributed, microservices, and open platforms to provide one-stop solutions for domestic and foreign banks
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Sunline always shoulder the responsibility to make the world a better place through the continuous efforts of our people
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Using wisdom to open the future path
Stay focused Never give up easily Go all out Using wisdom to open the future path Down-to-earth
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which is to empower the industry with technological innovation
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the continuous advancement of financial technology for two decades
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