Sunline Signed Business Cooperation Agreement with China Academy of Information and Communications Technology
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From 28 to 30 October, the 4th China Fintech Industry Summit and the 3rd Sino-Singapore Fintech Expo were held in Suzhou. At the summit, Sunline signed a business cooperation agreement with the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, joining the cooperative units of the Cloud Computing and Big Data Research Institute of the academy.

In the cooperation, both parties will work together to realize the joint construction of financial information technology application innovation and development capabilities, joint research on emerging technology fields of financial technology, joint development of related technological innovation research and capacity building, as well as joint promotion of the construction of a financial technology ecosystem, ultimately empowering technological innovation in China's financial technology industry.

Sunline has continuously promoted the development of China's financial credit innovation in recent years. The distributed core system developed for WeBank and Zhangjiagang Rural Commercial Bank has realized full-stack domestic production with safe and stable operation. The core system based on the domestic database has been used in both CITIC Credit Card and Ping An Credit Cards as well as Kunshan Rural Commercial Bank. All three projects have been successfully launched and have rich experience in successful financial credit creation.

Sunline shared six recent successful cases of distributed banking core business system implementations at the Financial Credit Technology and Application Forum on the morning of 29 October. With practical experience and a deep understanding of the industry, Sunline has empowered China’s small and medium-sized commercial banks, fully realizing the full potential of their core and peripheral business systems.

At the same summit, the Yangtze River Delta Financial Credit Innovation Joint Research Base was also officially inaugurated and established. Sunline was invited to participate in the joint research base and contribute to the development of China's financial credit innovation with other members of the base. By focusing on the pain points and challenges of the financial technologies, the research provides solutions such as software and hardware adaptation verification, product testing, and technical researches, providing ecological support in terms of achievement display, talent training, conference seminars, etc. 

Under the "14th Five-Year Plan", the financial technology sector will form a new development pattern. In the future, Sunline will continue to use its own technological innovation advantages and practical experiences in financial credit creation to accelerate the integration of the financial technology ecosystem and contribute to China's financial technology.

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