Sunline Officially Onboarded Huawei's openGauss Community
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In early July, Huawei announced the open source of openGauss database and officially launched its openGauss community. Recently, Sunline formally onboarded the community with the signing of the contributor license agreement-CLA, further deepening its strategic cooperation with Huawei to promote the development of the financial industry database.

openGauss is an enterprise-level open-source relational database with high performance, security and reliability with easy operation and maintenance. With the commencement of the open-source community, upstream and downstream partners in the industry chain are connected to create an open, inclusive, innovative and leading enterprise-level database ecosystem, reducing the threshold for enterprises to use databases, improving the efficiency of enterprise-level databases and ultimately accelerating the digital transformation of enterprises with efficient data management.

As a leader in the core system for banks, Sunline's self-developed core banking system supports cross-platform and cross-database, supporting the differences in SQL syntax details of different databases and allowing seamless connection with various databases to enable rapid the core of domestic enterprise-level databases. The rapid implementation of the system in the financial industry has deeply empowered the development of the financial industry database.

In recent years, Sunline has joined forces with various database vendors and customers to build an ecosystem and continuously promote the development of domestic databases. In their early cooperation, Sunline and Huawei Cloud released a joint solution for the distributed core banking system on Huawei Cloud GaussDB. The acceleration of applications has provided strong support for comprehensive data security of the bank’s core.

Financial digitization has now reached a critical stage of development. With the help of the financial industry ecosystem, a series of innovations and upgrades in financial services will be driven. Sunline will continue to give full play to the advantages of its independent innovation and core systems to grow with the openGauss ecosystem and jointly promote the development of China's financial industry database.

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