Sunline Presented Leading Non-Performing Loan (NPL) Disposal Service Providers Award
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On July 15 to 16, the 7th China NPL Investment and Restructuring Summit Forum organized by the Non-Performing Loan Research has convened in Shanghai, gathering experts and industry leaders in the field to discuss about the promotion of the orderly and healthy development of Chinese special opportunity investment industry. During the forum, Sunline was presented the “Leading Non-Performing Loan (NPL) Disposal Service Providers Award” for the technological empowerment and innovative practices in the field of Banking NPL.

Under the dual factors of the economic pressure and impact of the epidemic, NPL of commercial banks have continued to intensify. In order to alleviate the pressure on bank operations, the regulatory authorities issued relevant solutions and implementation plans in June 2020, bringing huge market development opportunities to institutions such as asset management companies that can accept the transfer of bank NPL.

Focusing on the current vital issues such as "local debt risks aversion, difficulty resolution of NPL disposal and discussion of continued pressure on risks bore by financial institutions". The summit takes deeply in analyzing “Big NPL” operations, enhancing the value of assets and enterprises as well as the clearing out inefficient and ineffective assets by government supervision leaders, renowned institutions in China and abroad as well as industry leaders. The development is highly concerned and supported by industry professionals.

With almost two decades of experience in financial IT services, Sunline has enthusiastically practiced the new policy of the China Banking Regulatory Commission, deploying its comprehensive and intelligent solution that covers the entire loan management business.

The 6 highlights of Sunline's NPL management solution:

1.   Online business

Covers all business management and control related to the company's personal loans including modules such as the full-process management, post-investment operation management, business operation management and third-party institution management to regulate the entire life cycle the loans in the form of projects, realizing seamless and secure electronic approvals of the entire business process and supporting paperless office.

2.   Batch before investment

In view of the large number of cases of NPL packages, it realizes batch pre-investment due diligence and valuation to quickly conducts pre-investment value analysis.

3.   Intelligent post-investment

Provides a sophisticated post-investment management platform unlike legacy asset management packages.

4.   Management cockpit

Capturing, integration and analysis of business, financial and system data to provide support for the improvement of the company's business development strategy, meeting the requirements of report and data disclosure information.

5.   Platform operation for the entire business chain

Third-party institutions such as law firms, collection companies, asset appraisal agencies, etc. can conduct platform-based account management including platform-based management and control of the authority and operation.

6.   Rapid respond to business innovation

Flexible pre-configuration management such as business traversal process nodes, structured data, workflow, etc.

Sunline's intelligent business system has successively served many assets management companies and banks. Built based on advanced technology and experience, the system provides more comprehensive solutions for the asset and disposal, fully empowering the NPL businesses. Sunline will take this opportunity to continuously polish and upgrade its asset management products to help banks and financial institutions achieve more breakthroughs and development in their personal loan business.

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