Sunline Disaster Relief Fundraising Activity Aided Disaster-stricken Areas in Henan
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On July 17, Henan Province was hit by a heavy rainstorm, affecting 14.531,600 people and causing heavy losses to the lives and properties of those in the province with destroyed infrastructures, flooded farmland, collapsed houses. The disaster has touched the heart of countless people.

"Although natural disasters are ruthless, there is always love in the world." In the face of sudden disasters, all parts of the country acted to support Henan in their own way. On the evening of July 24, Sunline started an immediate operation to aid Henan after learning the urgent need of relief supplies due to the flash flood.

After an early understanding of the disaster situation, Sunline learned that Fugou and Xihua counties in Zhoukou City are in high need for supplies as these two counties were the most affected. Although the people have been moved to the resettlement site, the food and flood control materials needed by the people in the resettlement sites were extremely scarce, directly affecting the lives of the victims in the two counties.

With the urgent flood prevention and disaster relief needs, Sunline directly contacted the directors of the county committee offices to further understand the demand for supplies and materials to best aid the people in the resettlement sites. Sunline have decided to donate scarce items like raincoats and rubber shoes as well as food supplies like ham.

At the same time, Sunline also launched a “Disaster Relief Fundraising Activity" among employees, demonstrating the company’s values of bravely shouldering social responsibilities and contribute to help people in need. This is the spirit that Chairman Mr. Wang has always advocated: "We must bravely shoulder the responsibilities given by times, be a company with a sense of mission and a person with the spirit of ownership!"

Sunline directly contacted material manufacturers to quickly prepare and ship the items, ensuring that they were delivered to the disaster-stricken area in the shortest time.

·   In the early morning of July 27, the first batch of materials comprising of raincoats arrived in Xihua County to alleviate the shortage of flood control materials for disaster relief front-liners.

·   In the morning of July 28, the second batch of food supply arrived in Fugou County, alleviating the food shortage in the resettlement sites.

·   At noon on July 29, the third batch of materials comprising of rubber shoes arrived in Xihua County, replenishing the flood control materials for disaster relief front-liners.

When we manage to send our love and support to the people in the disaster-stricken area on time, we are sending them strength and warmth to tide over the difficulties. We feel very joyful to receive the feedbacks from the director of the Xihua County Committee’s saying the boots and raincoats are very practical for our front-liners and the materials were received in a are very timely manner. Sunline also feel privileged when Xihua County Red Cross awarded an honorary certificate to the company, honoring everyone in the company who have contributed!

No one is born a hero but we can all become a hero by helping those in need when we are more privileged. Let us salute to the people of Sunline who have contributed to the flood relief operations in Henan Province!

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