This is How Good Major Financial Institutions Evaluate Sunline's Intelligent Marketing Center!
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Recently, Sunline's Intelligent Marketing Center is doing great:

·       Won the projects for China Merchants Bank, Bank of Ningbo, Huishang Bank and Bank of Guiyang.

·       Won the "Top 10 Excellent Solutions Recommended by Experts" and "Excellent Solutions for Marketing Innovation" awards.

·       Built joint solutions based on Huawei ModelARTS, RTD and DAYU.

Even major financial institutions are recognizing the strength of Sunline's Intelligent Marketing Center:

Bank of Guangzhou

Wei Sheng, Deputy General Manager of the Digital Finance and Product Innovation Department

Sunline is a leading enterprise in the field of banking technology and the company’s marketing mid-end solution is a one-stop comprehensive solution that can be oriented from a business perspective, covering the entire life cycle of customer marketing scenarios and encapsulating the marketing process in a scenario. The solution provides banks with a full set of visualized and configurable templates in each packaging scenario to meet customers' individual needs such as flexible operation and one-click deployment, helping business departments complete marketing tasks conveniently and quickly. It is highly recommended to the industry!

Rural Credit Union of Jiangxi Province

Jiang Ke, Chief Engineer of the IT Department

The solution relies on big data technology to build a label engine and strategy engine, supports a flexible and extensible system architecture, realizing the rapid assembly of lists and activities which has certain reference value.

China Guangfa Bank

Liu Wenlong, Senior Expert/National Standard Technical Evaluation Expert

The product technology is highly refined with fine label granularity and better data application effect.

China Securities Regulatory Commission

Tao Kun, Senior Vice President of the IT Department

The entire platform operating system is relatively complete and has good practical value.

Taikang Life Insurance Co., Ltd.

Du Yanbin, President and Chief Technology Innovation Officer of the Technology Innovation Center

The product is very focused. The marketing center covers data labels, portraits, algorithm models, marketing activities, marketing templates, etc. The strengths of the center are the capabilities of the center.

Let’s take a look at the strengths of this acclaimed Intelligent Marketing Center!

Sunline Intelligent Marketing Center has two outstanding highlights:

1.     It is based on big data technology so the platform is fully open up and can integrate cross-system customer data, maximize the use of customer characteristics mining and analysis results, achieving in-depth, accurate, cross-cutting and real-time marketing.

2.     Using big data, machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies, the platform automatically tracks marketing effects and continuously optimize marketing strategies to truly enhance the innovation capabilities of financial institutions' products and services.

As well as the abilities to:

·       Fully introduce and integrate external data with internal data to improve customer characteristics, establish a customer full label system and realize customer segmentation management.

·       Use relationship graph technology to build and fully excavate a KYC graph to detect business opportunities as well as to realize the value enhancement of existing customers and the marketing of potential customers.

·       Through the construction of customer warning models, product recommendation models, high-value potential customers mining models, etc., will be applied to achieve customer retention and customer asset enhancement.

·       Realizing real-time event marketing with access to online channel data, realize real-time acquisition and feature analysis of customer behaviour data and clickstream data.

·       With the built-in strategy engine, a flexible and visual configuration of marketing rules can be realized and the background can be connected to the specific customer group to realize the rapid release and rapid adjustment of marketing activities.

·       Through monitoring and analyzing operation of the model, the execution of marketing activities, etc. can conduct a comprehensive analysis of the effects of marketing activities to achieve a continuous improvement of the marketing process, create a traceable closed-loop marketing management and achieve refined scene operations.

Nowadays, digital marketing has become a key factor in the development of retail business for financial institutions. Sunline has helped many financial customers such as joint-stock banks, city commercial banks, rural commercial banks and securities companies to build their digital marketing systems, empowering them to efficiently and quickly realize marketing planning and precise customer services, ultimately enhancing the competitive advantage of the industry in all aspects.

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