Sunline's Intelligent Marketing Platform Won Two Financial Data Intelligence Accolades at the 3rd Financial Data Intelligence Excellence Awards Ceremony
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After 5 rounds of evaluations as well as 52 reviews by the juries from China National Center for Science and Technology Evaluation, the People’s Bank of China and heavyweight subject matter experts from banking, insurance, securities, funds and other financial institution to assess  the advancement and maturity of the solutions from more than 50 companies in the aspects of data labeling, portraits, algorithm models, marketing activities, marketing templates, Sunline’s Intelligent Marketing Platform was crowned winners for both "Top 10 Expert Recommended Solution" and "Excellent Marketing Innovation Solution".

The 3rd Financial Data Intelligence Excellence Awards is dedicated to the advanced and outstanding solutions that can empower and be the new benchmark for the financial industry. Eight awards were announced to celebrate the significant reference cases of various financial institutions in the field of data intelligence.

Sunline’s Intelligent Marketing Platform takes marketing services as the core, information analysis as the direction and performance monitoring as the drive. Through internal and external data integration, data analysis and mining models, built-in decision engines, real-time processing technologies and visual analysis methods were adopted to effectively builds a 360⁰ customer service. From KYC to effective customer segmentation, precision customer marketing, personalized customer service and refined marketing analysis, Sunline’s Intelligent Marketing Platform realizes the integration of the entire marketing management process to help financial institutions achieve a data-driven precision marketing model.

·       T+0 real-time marketing through the introduction of real-time computing modules from transactional customer screening to channel distribution, enabling the entire process to be processed in real time, successfully upgrading the traditional T+1 marketing.

·       Quick assembly of lists and activities with the use of big data technology to build label and strategy engines, supporting a flexible and extensible system architecture and realizing rapid assembly of lists and activities.

·       Realizing the full lifecycle of marketing management by encapsulating the marketing scenarios and providing a full set of visual configuration templates for the bank in each packaged scenario to realize the personalized requirements of flexible operation and one-click deployment as well as to unify the management of marketing.

At present, Sunline Intelligent Marketing Center has been applied in many banks including joint-stock banks, city commercial banks, rural commercial banks, etc with good manifestation in terms of completeness and refined services, providing our banking customers with real scenarios and personalized capabilities, enabling them to accurately grasp customer needs, respond to market changes in a timely manner and improve service efficiency.

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