Sunline Won China Securities' Data Governance Project, Helping the Top Securities Company Lay a Solid Foundation for Data Governance and Data Application
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Sunline has just won another project to transform the data governance for China Securities, one of the top ten securities companies in China, helping the organization take another solid step to towards an advanced and complete data governance architecture system as well as laying a solid foundation for subsequent data governance and data application construction.

As one of the top ten securities companies in China, China Securities has accumulated massive data sources. Mining the value of data business has become an important measure for China Securities to facilitate its future development. At the same time, in recent years, the Securities Companies Association of China has issued related regulation documents like the "Regulations for Comprehensive Risk Management of Securities Companies" and "Administrative Measures for Information Technology of Financial Institutions Operating under Securities Funds" that clearly require securities companies to establish a sound data governance mechanism.

Under the dual effects of internal and external factors, China Securities opted to launch a data governance consulting project that can perfect the data governance process system and specifications, establish a normalized data governance guarantee mechanism as well as improve the internal data governance and data application level of the enterprise through a top-level data governance system with a strong foundation to meet the needs of internal refined management and external supervision, realize data integration and sharing, improve data quality and maximize the value of data.

Data governance is directly related to a company's overall data capabilities. Therefore, China Securities adopts ultra-strict standards for the selection of partners. After multiple rounds of tendering, China Securities finally decided to collaborate with Sunline which is not only a leading enterprise in core banking system but also its big data business that has been developed rapidly in recent years.

Sunline has deployed its data governance business in 2015 and has have rich experience in the implementation of data governance in the securities industry, serving GF Securities, Guosen Securities, China Merchants Securities, Galaxy Securities, Founder Securities, Everbright Securities, China National Finance Securities, Caitong Securities, Soochow Securities, Northeast Securities, Guoyuan Securities, Tianf eng Securities, Cinda Securities and more than 20 other securities companies by providing data governance consulting and implementation solutions.

With a localized and experienced data governance consulting and implementation team with 200 people, the team has participated in the compilation of the "Financial Data Security Data Security Classification Guidelines" for People’s Bank of China’s along with other regulatory systems and regulations. The team is capable to provide customers with professional and consistent supervision required for project implementation services aligned with the data governance consulting project of China Securities.

Sunline has a mature solution for data governance which includes data governance strategy, organizational structure, rules and regulations, governance processes, data standards, data quality, metadata, data security, etc. The team also provide consulting on how to establish an integrated IT systems that is aligned to the national guidelines.

Sunline has always insisted on independent R&D in the field of data governance and has formed a set of independent products and solutions with strong practicability, relevance, openness and advancement. Self-developed technologies have become Sunline’s highlights.

Winning China Securities’ data governance project fully embodies Sunline's advantages in data governance for the securities industry. Sunline will advance into leading securities firms and pledge to use its advantages to help China build Securities an advanced data governance structure to maximize data value and fully release the potential of data.

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