Sunline Joined Huawei's Financial Partner Go Global Program (FPGGP), Creating New Value and Expanding the Global Market
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Huawei announced its Financial Partner Go Global Program (FPGGP) at the Huawei Intelligent Finance Summit 2021 held on 3 and 4 June. FPGGP will enable Huawei's collaboration with partners in the financial services industry to develop industry-leading solutions, expand the global market, build the Fintech business ecosystem, create new value and achieve shared business.

Sunline was invited to the launching ceremony as the first board of directors along with Huawei and five other partners. FPGGP members will cooperate in five major aspects including policies and regulations, application scenarios, technical architecture, operation support, cooperation as well as promotion to drive global market expansion.

As the pioneer of Chinese financial technology company to venture overseas, Sunline has empowered nearly 20 customers in the Southeast Asia region in their digital transformation journey with its digital banking solutions within five years.

The key points to achieving high efficiency and agility in digital operations can be achieved through:

• An agile technology platform that improves the efficiency of the entire IT process on-demand from development, testing, release to operation and maintenance through efficient and automated continuous delivery with the use of distributed strategies that improve operational performance and enhance the flexibility of the platform with a microservice framework.

• Abstractly extracting the business theme of the bank's digital operation and building a business-driven microservice capability application center to greatly reduce the coupling of the system and provide platform-based service capabilities for the bank's business operations.

• Accelerating the construction of intelligent data centers that improve the timeliness and intelligence of data applications in digital banks.

• A digital scenario-based business assembly and sales center to achieve high reusability of the bank's microservice capabilities.

Sunline and Huawei have had a multi-faceted ecological cooperation in the global financial field. Both partners have jointly launched solutions including core business systems and financial integration data warehouses that runs on Kunpeng computing system which were rapidly implemented to the city commercial banks, private banks, joint-stock banks and other financial institutions in China. At the same time, both parties are also actively working together to create digital banking solutions that export China's leading models and technologies globally.

During the conference, Sunline and Huawei had announced the launching of the converged data asset joint solution. The solution is based on Huawei ModelARTS, RTD and DAYU to build marketing platform, risk control platform and data asset management platform capabilities to accelerate the development of financial data value and digital transformation.

Sunline delivered a speech on how to “Build a Data Management Application System to Empower Digital Transformation of Banks" with the integrated data asset solution, and sharing insights on detailed analysis on how the three - converge data asset management, intelligent marketing center and intelligent risk control platforms can help banks and financial institutions realize the integration of underlying data to data applications, intelligent marketing applications, intelligent risk control applications and data asset management through a comprehensive big data ecosystem.

Just as Ma Yue, Executive Vice President of Huawei BG and President of Huawei’s Global Partner Development and Sales said, "Consumer finance is developing towards full-scenario finance which requires a cross-industry, 360 scenario and three-dimensional ecosystem".

Sunline has been actively cooperating with ecological partners such as Huawei to creating a new ecosystem in the financial industry and accelerate the development of intelligent financial solutions, creating innovations and new value to refresh the financial industry.

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