Sunline Released Joint Cloud GaussDB Solution at Huawei China Ecological Conference 2021
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The Huawei China Ecological Conference 2021 on 17 and18 May 2021 at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center saw the participations of tens of thousands of partners from China and abroad, discussing the empowerment of the digital reform of government and enterprises. Sunline, as an important ecological partner of Huawei in the financial field was invited to deliver a keynote speech.

Tao Jingwen, CIO of Huawei said at the convention, “Huawei will work with its ecosystem partners to gather intelligence and strength to build a digital platform and accelerate digital transformation. In the field of financial technology, Sunline and Huawei have achieved ecological integration in the field of financial technology and are promising partners to help accelerate the digital transformation of the financial industry.”

Sunline has been collaborating with Huawei in areas such as core financial business and big data business both domestically and overseas, launching joint solutions to help refresh the financial industry. Sunline delivered a keynote speech from three aspects: financial innovation applications, distributed cores and data, sharing the advantages the joint solutions with application cases during the convention.

In the Smart Finance Forum on May 17, Sunline shared "Financial Innovation Application Practice", sharing the experience of credit creation in the financial industry and analyzing successful cases in financial credit creation. Sunline's distributed core business system has formed a full-stack domestic technical route based on Huawei Taishan server + Tencent TDSQL database + Tencent TLinux operating system, which has been successfully put into production and with secure and reliable operation.

In the Data Driven Innovation and Joint GaussDB Ecosystem forum on May 18, Sunline shared the application and best practices for the Sunline’s distributed core system and Huawei’s Cloud GaussDB with an analysis of the integrated architecture from the technical level and application performance indicators. The joint program between the two parties has been upgraded to enable comprehensive services and solutions to the customers. The joint solution has high performance, scalability, economy, availability and security to fully assist the digital transformation of banks.

In the closed-door meeting on financial data governance, Sunline delivered a speech on "Marketing Center", which introduced in detail Sunline's intelligent marketing center in excellent marketing management, customer management, product management, operation management and label management and shared the broad application prospects of cost-effective solutions in cooperation with Huawei.

At the same time, Sunline and Huawei Cloud launched the joint solution for bank's distributed core business system and Huawei Cloud GaussDB. The joint solution can be used for big data, distributed storage, ARM native, high-performance computing and database. The acceleration of applications has provided strong support to comprehensively guarantee data security. 

Sunline Distributed Core System also received “Powered by Kunpeng” Preferred Solutions with the advantage of building a full stack of credit bank core systems ecosystem.

Financial digitalization has reached a critical stage of development and with the help of the power and role of ecosystem in the financial industry to drive a series of innovation and upgrading of financial business, digital development can be further promoted to refresh the financial industry. Sunline and Huawei are highly complementary in the field of fintech and the two partners will continue to work together to bridge the new digital divide and move towards an intelligent world of the Internet of Everything.

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