Sunline Awarded "Best Industry Solution Partner" by Huawei
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Recently, Sunline won the "Best Industry Solution Partner" Award from Huawei for its advanced capabilities in the financial industry solutions.

Sunline and Huawei have an in-depth cooperation in the fields of core systems, big data and digital finance, launching joint solutions such as core business systems and financial integrated data warehouses that runs on Kunpeng computing system, taking advantage of financial technology and industrial ecology to jointly promote the innovation and digital transformation of China's financial industry.

The Kunpeng Distributed Core Business Solution jointly created by Sunline and Huawei has gone through multiple cases and has formed a mature and complete solution that can achieve rapid replication. At present, the solution has been deployed in city commercial banks, private banks, joint-stock banks, etc., accelerating the realization of digital transformation and information technology security and controllability for the banks. The jointly built financial integration data warehouse solution also have its leading advantages, realizing the complete integration from the underlying infrastructure to the data application architecture and solving customers from data collection, storage and calculation to data services that can meet different scenarios with efficiency. It has been successively launched to 4 joint-stock banks and more than 10 city commercial banks to help customers promote the implementation of digital construction.

Sunline and Huawei are also actively cooperating to export China's innovation and provide a leading model in terms of business and technology to the overseas market. In 2020, the two parties worked together to empower the digital transformation of BNC in Indonesia. Targeting Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Latin America and Africa as well as other countries and regions with greater inclusive financial needs, Sunline and Huawei provides financial solutions like contactless all-in-one loan solution to meet the urgent needs of global financial institutions and users for financial digital services during the post-epidemic period.

In the era of digitalization, Sunline and Huawei have jointly promoted the development of financial technology at home and abroad, leading the effective and comprehensive empowerment of the new generation financial business reformation and financial business development in China and even globally.

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