Strong Collaboration between Sunline and Inspur Sees the Implementation of the New Generation Core Banking Solutions
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Recently, the optimization of Sunline's new generation core banking system V8 running on Inspur’s K1 Power Servers have created an overall solution for the financial industry core system. At present, the solution has been put into use in Liaoning Rural Credit as well as Provincial, Municipal Rural Commercial Banks and a variety of financial customers with outstanding operation effect.

Empower Bank’s Core Innovation and Development

Relying on the advanced nature of the self-developed technology and rich implementation experience, Sunline has maintained a high market share in the field of core banking systems. In 2020, a new generation of distributed core banking system V8 was launched. It adopts the advanced architecture of “microservices + unitization” to realize flexible deployment, unlimited dynamic expansion, customer-centricity, financial productization and data service standardization, supporting banks in their transition from a transaction-driven accounting model to a customer-centric service model and realizing the ideal transformation path for banks.

As a high-end server manufacturer under Inspur Group, Inspur Business Machines relies on its strong design, R&D and production capabilities while adhering to the concept of customer first and independent innovation to provide customers with high performance, high reliability, high security and strong data consistency high-end server products.

According to the stress test results conducted in actual application scenarios, a quarter-configured Inspur K1 Power E980 server runs the core database and adopts a mixed load test. When the CPU usage rate is lower than 50%, it can process 26,000 transactions per seconds and is estimated to support the actual business load of 300 million transactions per day. If a general-purpose server platform is adopted, the hardware scale of more than 10 times is required to achieve the same performance index.

Sunline's new-generation core banking system runs on Inspur K1 Power high-end server to create an overall solution and uses financial technology to integrate innovative advantages to accelerate the digital transformation of China's financial industry.

Data speaks for the significant effects in Liaoning Rural Credit Union

Liaoning Rural Credit Union’s new-generation core system adopts Sunline’s core business system solutions. In August last year, with the smooth launch of the system, Liaoning Rural Credit Union achieved the dual transformation of business and IT architecture, comprehensively improving its financial innovation capabilities and further broadening the bank’s service channels. The new IT architecture has become the engine for the continuous and stable operation of the new core system. The solution has advanced technical architecture, stable performance, comprehensive business functions and strong scalability, which fully supports Liaoning Rural Credit Union’s product innovation, customer service, and payment Comprehensive financial services such as settlement have become the benchmark in the provincial rural credit system projects.

Inspur K1 Power high-end server is a mainstream platform for carrying financial core business systems. With its advantages of high performance, high reliability, high security, and strong data consistency, it will play an important role in the next generation of banking core business systems. The Liaoning Rural Credit Union joint solution combines Sunline's new core advanced technology architecture and business capabilities with the powerful stand-alone reliability, computing power and scalability of Inspur K1 Power's high-end servers, and cooperates with other high-availability technologies to allow the core system to avoid almost all unplanned business interruptions and ensure that the core system continues to provide services to the outside world. With the powerful performance of Inspur K1 Power E980, the night batch processing time of the core system is greatly reduced and sufficient computing resources are reserved for the rapid development of provincial rural credit in the next few years.

After the launch, the concurrent processing capacity of the new core system of Liaoning Rural Credit has increased from the previous 385 transactions/sec to a staggering 10,000 transactions/sec, the end-of-day batch processing time has been shortened from the previous 5 hours to 1.5 hours, the single account batch collection speed has been increased from the previous 20,000 transactions per hour to more than 500,000 transactions per hour and the efficiency is increased by more than 25 times, fully satisfying the development of Liaoning Rural Credit Union in the next ten years.

In the light of the performance optimization and stress test of the payment and settlement system of Rural Credit Union in 2020, Liaoning Rural Credit Union ranked first in multiple projects and the new core system delivered a satisfactory answer.

At present, the financial industry is actively carrying out digital transformation and reconstructing traditional businesses. Sunline and Inspur will further strengthen their collaborations in product research and development, program development, marketing and other aspects to jointly promote the integration and innovation of financial technology as well as striving towards a win-win situation.

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