Sunline Shared Insights on the Applications of Cell-Based Architecture in Bank Large-scale Transaction System at Huawei Developer Conference
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The Huawei Developer Conference from April 24 to 26 in Shenzhen took place in more than 70 venues around the world was broadcasted live through 18 digital channels, seeing top developers from China and abroad gathering together to jointly explore and share in-depth innovations and best practices of ICT in various industries.

Sunline being financial technology pioneer to launch a distributed core banking system with the advanced distributed, microservices and cell-based architecture in 2020 has helped empower many banks in the country. Yang Guoxiong, General Manager of Sunline Digital Finance Business’ Platform Technology Service Department was invited to share his insights at the conference about the “Applications of Cell-based Architecture in Bank Large-scale Transaction System", sharing the construction path of a bank’s distributed and unitized core.

In the past two years, large state-owned banks and joint-stock banks have actively started the constructions of a new generation core systems with cell-based technology platforms. Distributed, microservices and cloud-native have gradually become the key technologies to support large-scale bank transaction systems. Taking microservices one step further, large banks adopting cell-based architecture can realize low-cost, high-performance and highly reliable solutions for large-scale transaction scenarios has become the new industry trend.

As a classic implementation mode of the new generation core banking system with microservices, distributed and cell-based architecture, more leapfrog achievements for banks core architecture will be realized such as infinite scalability, multi-center deployment, grayscale release capabilities, fault isolation capabilities, etc. The transformation of bank’s large-scale transaction system into distributed and cell-based architecture reduces unit complexity, thereby providing more granular control and increased ability to function.

Sunline's distributed, microservices and cell-based core can achieve flexible deployment and unlimited dynamic expansion at the technical service level which can meet the need of customer’s explosive growth in future business expansion. At the business level, it supports rapid product innovation and rebuilds financial business processes. Sunline’s new generation distributed core has been promoting the transformation of transaction-driven accounting to a customer-centric and product-based service model, and has been implemented in many banks.

As one of Huawei’s significant ecosystem partner in the financial industry, Sunline has jointly launched the Kunpeng Distributed Core Solution with Huawei that aims to promote the incubation of innovative applications in the financial technology field, helping banks quickly achieve business innovation and accelerate digital transformation.

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