The Highlights of Sunline's 2021 First Quarter Wins
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Sunline has shown solid performance in terms its market development in the first quarter, demonstrating strong competitiveness in multiple business areas such as digital finance, big data and management business in banking and financial market.

Sunline’s wins in the first quarter:

·       Agricultural Development Bank of China

As the original performance evaluation management system of the Agricultural Development Bank of China was facing increasing difficulties to support the rapid development of the business and a brand-new performance management platform is urgently needed to improve the performance management level.

The performance management platform created by Sunline for the Agricultural Development Bank of China supports closed-loop management of the entire life cycle of pre-predictions, in-process assessments and post-analysis, enabling the achievements of multi-dimensional, multi-index and full-process combined evaluation to realize effective positive incentives and help the bank give full play to the functions of policy banks.

·       Minsheng Bank’s Credit Card Center

In order to meet the increasingly stringent regulatory submission requirements and improve the quality of submitted data, China Minsheng Bank’s Credit Card Center decided to deploy the construction of a regulatory submission system to realize automated processing and centralized control of submitted data.

Based on the overall planning of the information system of the Minsheng Bank’s Credit Card Center, Sunline has established a unified supervision and submission data mart to centrally process the supervision and submission data to solve the problem of data consistency as well as realize the automatic processing and verification mechanisms of periodic submissions.

·       Fujian Strait Bank

In order to achieve the business development goal of becoming the pioneer of city commercial banks across the country, Fujian Strait Bank actively uses emerging technologies to build an information system architecture system that is suitable for future development and Sunline was selected as the preferred partner for the bank’s core system and accounting platform transformation projects with leading technical strength.

Developing the core banking system for Fujian Strait Bank, Sunline Core Banking System applies microservices architecture and the design principles of open API and loose coupling. The adoption of an advanced distributed technology architecture and a business architecture separates transaction systems and accounting with sufficient business foresights, advancement and scalability to future-proof the business development needs of Fujian Strait Bank for the next 8 to 10 years.

The accounting platform is an independent bank-wide, full-service and full-life cycle platform which realizes unified and precise multi-dimensional accounting for various businesses, providing powerful data support for management analysis, assessment and other applications.

·       Bank of Ningbo

With Bank of Ningbo’s rapid development of the business and continuous scale of expansion, the bank’s legacy performance management system scattered in various business lines cannot quickly respond to the differentiated assessment requirements of multiple institutions, multiple positions and multiple lines. Therefore, the performance management system upgrade is imminent.

In response to the management needs of Bank of Ningbo, Sunline has created a performance management system that supports a multi-corporate structure to truly meet the unified management and control of the entire bank as well as differentiated assessments of institutions and personnel at all levels, stimulating the enthusiasm of all Bank of Ningbo’s employees of and ultimately promoting the bank’s business development.

·       Rural Credit Union of Jiangxi Province

In recent years, Jiangxi Rural Credit Bureau has been exploring ways to meet the systematic management of products in the industry but as a whole, there is still a lack of standardized, complete and unified management of products. In order to enhance the bank's market competitiveness, Jiangxi Rural Credit Bureau decided to strengthen the innovative development of financial products to achieve optimization improvements.

Sunline built a complete product management system for Jiangxi Rural Credit Union to realize a unified, uniform and standardized product view at the enterprise level, improving the rapid innovation ability of products through product idea collection, shortening product development cycle and realizing a global perspective. The system enables further analysis of the market situation, product trends tracking, product innovation and optimization, marketing promotion, and real-time monitoring and analysis, comprehensively improving the company's comprehensive product service capabilities.

·       China General Nuclear Power Finance Corporation (CGN Finance)

In order to meet the ever-increasing data governance requirements of the regulatory authorities, CGN Finance gave full play to the supporting role of the information system in improving data quality and decided to build a new generation of unified regulatory reporting platform based on the data warehouse.

Sunline builds a data warehouse suitable for financial companies based on the Hadoop platform of CGN Finance realizes data collection, data storage and data services. During the construction process, data standardization, data quality inspection, etc. and unified supervision reports were performed based on the data warehouse construction. The platform realizes “one-stop” supervision and reporting, helping CGN Finance to complete the reporting work in a timely, accurate and efficient manner.

Sunline has also won projects for bank customers such as Bohai Bank, Bank of Dalian and Jiangxi Bank as well as non-bank financial companies such as SDIC Finance, Soochow Securities, Jinyang Assets and Industrial Digital Finance, showing a boost in market competitiveness for the company’s big data and management business.

In 2021, Sunline will make use of more advanced technology, comprehensive products and professional services to empower the digital transformation of banks and financial institutions.

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