Sunline Launches New Personal Loan Non-Performing Asset Management Solution - Enabling Bulk Transfer in Personal Loans Non-Performing Assets
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On March 26, the 4th China Personal Loan Non-Performing Asset Disposal Forum was held in Beijing and Sunline was invited to participate in the conference to share the innovation and practices in bulk transfer of non-performing personal loan assets.

At the beginning of 2021, the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission (CBIRC) issued a pilot program for the transfer of non-performing personal loans, opening up a trillion-level market. At present, there are both vast increments spawned by the rise of new consumerism and stock of transfers after the liquidation of unlicensed financial platforms. This forum not only convened to share the market opportunities in the face of a trillion-level market, business conducts in compliance with regulations and using the own advantages to jointly resolve the non-performing assets of personal loans have become the core of all parties’ concerns but also conducted in-depth discussions on the current pain points and countermeasures of commercial banks' bad disposal of personal loans, the latest progress of the pilot, the difficulties and key points in practical operations and new ways of innovative disposal of bad personal loans.

Sunline keeps up with the development of the industry and launches the company’s first personal loan non-performing asset management solution covering the entire business chain of personal loans, using financial technology innovation to empower the asset management and targeting the transfer business of personal loan non-performing asset. Technologies like AI and big data with the characteristics of large volume, batch operation, secured valuation, heavy cash flow management, etc. are introduced to the NPL business chain. At present, the solution has been implemented in many local asset management companies to help customers effectively develop bulk asset transfer for non-performing asset.

Huang Dingfa, General Manager of Sunline Business Innovation Department delivered a keynote speech on "Empowering Business of Personal Loan Non-Performing Asset Transfer with Fintech" which focuses on the important supporting role of financial technology innovation in the transfer of non-performing personal loans. Concentrating on the logical rationality and personalization of evaluation for personal loan non-performing assets, business value enhancement, collection and disposal risk control management, Huan shares how to use big data modeling to establish an asset evaluation model, introduce AI intelligent in operations to create a business win-win ecosystem and help multiple parties to transfer non-performing loans in batches.

Huang Dingfa, General Manager of Sunline Innovation Business Department

Huang Dingfa said that bad personal credit assets are a reverse value investment that can create income. They are very valuable. Through big data modeling and AI intelligent operations, personal loans can be quickly and effectively improved. The operational efficiency of non-performing asset business is to realize batch operations, intelligent valuation and intelligent post-investment management of non-performing assets of personal loans, truly excavating the value of non-performing assets of personal loans. At the same time, he also uncovers the advantages of Sunline’s Personal Loan Non-Performing Asset Management Solution.

Sunline’s Personal Loan Non-Performing Asset Management Solution covers the entire business chain of asset management company’s personal loan business. Applying big data, AI and other cutting-edge technologies to analyze the characteristics of asset packages, realize automatic batch interest calculation, account building, automatic collection and claims offset, continuous valuation of asset packages before, during and after investments as well as realize the integration of industry and finance, helping AMC to improve collection efficiency, reduce collection cycle, analyze and control every cash flow in and out and ultimately reducing management costs and improving asset management efficiency.

The bulk transfer business of non-performing assets in personal loans is a new thing with undefined market rules, valuation and equilibrium value but as long as the rules are set, the market is infinite. For AMCs, the most important thing now is to improve their informatization and professional capabilities. Sunline has the first-mover advantage with accumulated experience in personal loan non-performing field and cutting-edge technologies such as big data and AI to help AMCs achieve win-win situations in personal loan non-performing assets business.

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