Sunline's Solution Topped Finals of 2020 Huawei Developer Contest
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Sunline's distributed core business system won the Silver Award in the 2020 Huawei Developer Contest with its advanced technology and outstanding performance after competing in the finals in Songshan Lake on September 1 to 2, 2020.

The Huawei Developer Contest is a top competition for developers from all over the world. The Kunpeng Track of the contest aims to encourage developers to create various software and hardware solutions based on Kunpeng computing technology to achieve technological and commercial innovation.


The distributed core business system of Sunline is the first ever independently researched and developed core system with distributed architecture in the domestic banking industry. The system adopts the concept of distributed technology architecture and microservices to further provide support efficiency to banks in terms of product design, operation mode, scene integration, data provision, open interconnection and other aspects. At the same time, it is highly scalable, centralized, automated, modelled and localized to comprehensively support the rapid changes in business and massive data system requirement in the digital era.


At present, Sunline's distributed core business system has completed deep integration and comprehensive ecological verification with Huawei Kunpeng Ecosystem including Kunpeng chips, Taishan servers, etc. The joint solution is economical, has high performance, scalability, availability and security, etc., accelerating the values for applications such as big data, distributed storage, ARM native, high-performance computing and databases, ultimately helping banks to fully realize the security and control of their core business systems.


The core system of Sunline is a joint solution with Kunpeng and have undergone multiple connectivity, functional, performance and resource docking tests integrated with multiple cases to form a mature and complete solution that can achieve rapid replication, promotion and landing in city commercial banks, private banks, joint-stock banks, etc., helping banks accelerate the their digital transformation journey and achieve information technology security and control.

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