Thank You To All Contributors: Sunline's Anti-epidemic Fundraising Has Distributed RMB 9.217 Million Employees Donation!
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For all of us who were born in the age of peace, we seldom witness major ordeals in our life or country, not to say the entire world. However, the pandemic in 2020 is definitely considered a worldwide crisis. When the virus outbreak started in January 2020, it became a major situation in Wuhan as the source, quickly spreading to multiple cities and even states across China with the number of infected and deceased increasing at alarming numbers daily, making it a great crisis for the entire Chinese nation. Some of us remained silent, some panicked but most of us bravely moved forward.

Sunline quickly established an epidemic prevention and control team headed by Chairman Mr. Wang. During epidemic prevention meetings, Mr. Wang always points out, “Every employee of Sunline is precious. The company must do everything possible to make employees feel that they are not alone. The company is here to support our employees and we will overcome the difficulties together." The company has since started a battle against the epidemic in full swing.



 The Chairman of Sunline, Mr. Wang


The HR department fully cooperated with other departments to gather and update related information to employees in a timely manner as well as monitoring current health conditions of each employee. When medical face masks and other outbreak prevention resources were in short supply, overseas employees took the initiatives to find various ways in helping to purchase and send these supplies to our employees in China and vice versa. The administration department arranged SOPs in all offices to do prevention steps like checking employees’ temperature daily and helped the company to resume work and production smoothly. Project implementation teams who have remained at project sites also tried their very best to work remotely to complete each projects on time. Each of us in Sunline has been fighting and persevering in our own ways during the pandemic.

We are very fortunately as none of our Sunline family has been infected during the pandemic and all of us have resumed work and production in peace. However, without the stable development of the country, families will not be able to live and work in peace. Mr. Wang always emphasizes on his family and country, saying, “In the future, if there is a need for a company to carry the banner of China's financial technology, I hope it is Sunline. We must bravely shoulder the responsibilities given by the times and be a mission-oriented company. We must be always be the people with the spirit of ownership.”

Looking back on the company’s development, Sunline has been pursuing the company’s value to the society as well as the country for almost two decades, aiming to make contributions to human development through the unremitting efforts of the people of Sunline. After the successful listing in 2012, the development of the company and its employees have entered a fast lane. Sunline’s achievements and profits all come from the society. The development of the company and employees are closely linked to the development of the country. In times of crisis, if we have the ability to help others, then it is our obligation to lend a hand. This is a responsibility, not a choice. When the pandemic hit, we play our part to share the worries of the country, solve the problems for the people and show the value of our existence. This is the fundamental of the company's persistence in establishment.

On February 5, 2020, the company launched a fundraising activity for employees to help fight the outbreak under the theme ‘If the country is in trouble, our generation is responsible to help’, recommending each of us in Sunline to shoulder the responsibility and work together to contribute to the fight against the pandemic. ‘Our generation’ represents a sense of home and constructiveness towards the world. No matter what era we are in, ‘our generation’ is the most fascinating group of people, so each of us should feel a sense of pride to be in this group.

It is the common strength of yours and mine, our generation that allows the world to break free from darkness and remain warm in each disaster. For the first time, the company raised RMB 1.5 million in donations. In order to ensure we truly help those in need, the epidemic prevention and control team has conducted a full understanding and investigation of the fundraising process and the recipients of donations through multiple channels. We found that the society mainly targeted the attention and assistance on medical staff while there is little attention to the families of patients diagnosed with Covid-19. They were facing many hardships of taking care of the patient while the entire family has to be on quarantine. They not only suffered financially but also mentally. This group of families were in great need of help but at that time there was no channel that could directly provide charity assistance to them.

The epidemic prevention and control team immediately decided to build a donation distribution channel through Finline platform to distribute the donations directly to patients diagnosed with Covid-19 as well as to plasma donors. Although the idea is good but it is not easy to do. Every link such as self-developed donation distribution platform, reception consultation, data review, donation distribution, etc. needed investment in manpower. Time was tight but the tasks were heavy. This was also not the company's area of expertise.

In the end, Mr. Wang’s words made a final decision to the matter. He said, “The original intention of donating is a good faith and meant to help others. Why should we be afraid of the trouble or worries about being deceived? Even if we have been deceived, as long as we can really help those in need, it is worth."

In order to bring the donation out as soon as possible, the company took a two-pronged approach. On one hand, the Bank Account Development Team was required to complete the relevant system construction within three days. On the other hand, the company also urgently deployed personnel from various departments to set up an audit team and learned about audit knowledge and the national diagnostic standards for Covid-19 as well as to developed corresponding audit standards and donation distribution mechanisms.

During the development stage, everyone could only work remotely and the development of a project requires a series of links such as requirement construction, technical analysis, development, testing and launching, which means at least three tasks must be completed within a day. The technical team had to complete hundreds of demand analysis on one hand and on the other hand, they had to overcome the obstacles brought by online communications and collaborative development. Finline’s development team had worked together for three days and three nights to realize the donation system. The claims channel was finally tested and launched, and after a week of continuous debugging, the related functions of donation review and donation distribution were improved in time.

 After resuming work, the Bank Account R&D Team optimized the donation claim platform

At the same time, the donation application review team was formally established. Through reading a large amount of information and consulting doctors, disease control staff, etc., they learnt about the country’s establishment of Covid-19 standards, diagnosis and treatment procedures as well as certification materials, and gradually mastered them after several days of study. The main points of the audit were reviewed and at the same time, the country continued to pay attention to the changes in the national diagnostic criteria for Covid-19 to supplement the audit criteria.

On the morning of February 24, 2020, the donation application was officially opened and the first batch of applicants was welcomed. In order to understand the patient’s situation and help them submit information accurately and efficiently, the consulting staffs were helping to answer these questions in detail while the reviewers checked the information online, communicated with the applicants for errors or missing materials and called the relevant agencies to verify in order to allow patients to receive the donation as soon as possible. At 11:07 p.m. on the first day of the donation launching itself, the first donation was successfully distributed.

Reviewers working overtime to verify the information.


With the smooth distribution of the first donation, the company officially opened a channel to directly help Covid-19 patients. News of the company's direct donations to Covid-19 patients spread like wildfire. The number of applicants from other cities and states has been increasing. Sunline’s employees, seeing every donation has really helped so many patients, have requested the company can reopen another donation in hopes to help more Covid-19 patients. The epidemic prevention and control team have set the goal of helping 1,000 patients and once again launched a fundraising initiative. The company’s leaders took the lead in the donation and some major shareholders also took part in exerting practical actions to demonstrate the meaning of ‘the greater the ability, the greater the responsibility’. The second donation amount reached a higher amount of RMB 7.717 million, and the two donation drives reached RMB 9.217 million in total.

‘Serving life and helping others’ is where the value of money lies. A donation of several thousand RMB was able to help to life of patients struggling with the disease and was a comfort to the soul, especially for the remote and poor areas. For the patients, in the difficult period when they lose their financial resources, our small contributions were able help them to tide over the difficulties. During the donation, we received a lot of touching gratitude.

At first, some people thought it was a scam to send money directly to patients and applications were just trying their luck however when applicants did receive the donations, they were immediately warmed.

Touching gratitude from applicants


Sunline have formulated a policy on the donation to encourage the patients that have recovered to actively help more people with plasma donation. We aimed to help the patients and encourage them to pass on their love. We are happy to learn that the citizens of China are playing their part in encouraging others to move forward during the pandemic, with some cheering for netizens online to eliminate public panic and release positive energy; Zong Jian, the first person in the country to donate his blood plasma has brought his entire family to donate as well; Chen Qingbo, who was in a race against his life has donated blood plasma three times in just 37 days in his effort to rescue critically ill patients; and head nurse, Hu Yanfang who was infected, returned to the front line after recovery. Everyone was using their own ways to display their love in protecting their motherland.

During the review process, the review team will publish the latest ‘Interpretation of the New Coronavirus Pneumonia Diagnosis and Treatment Plan’ and the ‘New Coronavirus Pneumonia Prevention and Control Plan’ from time to time in conjunction with the official website of the National Health Commission. According to the corresponding adjustment of the audit standards, it is inevitable that some people’s symptoms and diagnostic certificates do not meet the latest national standards and will fail the to meet the criteria to receive donation. As a result, we may be questioned.

It is really hard to do something that you are not familiar with even if it is a kind thing that wants to help others. We faced criticisms but it does not matter because we believe our kind deeds will eventually help some people and that is enough. If someone asks why Sunline invested so much resources to do this, we can proudly say we did not do it for any limelight.

We just assumed the responsibilities entrusted to us being part of our country, our generation. We did not do this for fame or fortune. Besides, we have 18 years of established brand name through true ability, technical strength and service capabilities. Professionalism and innovation are our professional dignity.

For nearly 200 days, the donations were distributed one after another. A long battle against the pandemic finally ended on September 3, 2020. With the distribution of the last donation, the company’s anti-epidemic donation activity has also successfully come to an end with RMB 9.217 million donations distributed!

We have managed to help 1,630 COVID-19 patients from 16 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) including Hubei, Anhui, Guangdong, Hunan, Gansu and Shanghai. Among them were a 45-year-old mother with two children, a father with a 6-year-old father, a 58-year-old whose daughter were pregnant and son are still taking college entrance examination, a breastfeeding mother born in the 90s, medical staffs who were fighting on the frontline and were unfortunately infected aa well as  people from deeply impoverished mountainous areas. Sunline has exceeded its 1,000-person donation target.



We would once again like to thank every one of us who had contributed selflessly in the anti-epidemic fundraising and thank you all for your time, bravely shouldering the responsibility of our generation, and sending warmth and strength to the Covid-19 patients. We have not only helped breastfeeding mothers suffering from the outbreak, also patients living in poverty in poor mountainous areas and the elderly.

At the same time, we also want to thank all of us in Sunline who have made efforts in different ways to fight the pandemic. Because of you, our Sunline family can unite and win the fight against the pandemic!

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