Sunline Tops the 2020 IDC China Fintech 50 List
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The Future of Intelligent Financial Change, 2020 Financial Forum and Award Ceremony hosted by IDC China on August 28, 2020, announcing the Top 50 IDC China Fintech via online live broadcast.


IDC China's top 50 fintech companies were selected by IDC’s financial research team and several senior experts in domestic financial innovation to select the nominated companies and finally selected those with comprehensive business development, innovation, advancement and ecological cooperation. Companies with outstanding performance in terms of how they benefit financial service institutions and IT leaders, as well as their service providers in making more effective technical decisions and helping the digital transformation of China’s financial industry.

In recent years, Sunline's business development has been stellar. The range of customers has expanded from small and medium-sized banks to large state-owned banks, maintaining a high market share. At the same time, relying on strong technological innovation, the company has continuously introduced advanced products and solutions. Sunline is the first to introduce microservices and unitized core banking system this year, opening a new core era of China's banking industry.

In addition, Sunline also attaches great importance to the construction of a digital ecosystem, actively investing in the construction of the ecosystem to enhance industry innovation capabilities and shares future growth space with partners. Sunline has successively reached digital ecological cooperation with Tencent and Huawei.

IDC believes that digital transformation is the only way for China's financial industry and Sunline has been relying on professional technology and services to continuously lead the development of financial technology and empower China's financial institutions in their digital transformation journey.

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