Sunline's Triumph at Huawei Ascend AI Innovation Competition
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Artificial intelligence has become a strategic cutting-edge technology leading the global financial technology industry's transformation in recent years. In an era of integrated development of computing power, big data, and cloud-native technologies, artificial intelligence, as one of the hotspots, will continuously spawn new forms and models of financial technology, having a epoch-making significance on the overall development of the industry.


Recently, the Shenzhen division final of the Ascend AI Innovation Competition 2023, co-organized by Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., the Shenzhen Financial IT Innovation Base, and the Kunpeng Industrial Source Innovation Center (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., has come to a successful conclusion! Sunline's "Financial Digital Twin Intelligent Negotiation Platform" won the award for the most commercially valuable application in this competition!


Sunline's "Financial Digital Twin Intelligent Negotiation Platform" is based on the Ascend technology platform and applies AI technology to create a business collaboration ecosystem for multi-party cooperation. It constructs a "human-centered" business innovation ecosystem, and through digital twin + multi-person collaboration, supports banks in achieving customer value growth.


Personal Participation in Ecosystem Building: Each user is assigned an intelligent agent to provide guidance for achieving individual business goals. Using a banking or enterprise service app as the entry point, users can complete business communications with the support of AI agents, activating the users behind the "accounts" and building a "customer engagement layer."


Mechanism for Rapid Validation of Value: Within the virtual space, new demands are transmitted, negotiation processes are constructed, and the means to satisfy these demands are confirmed before being passed on to the industrial chain. Demand sides are free to express their individual needs, service providers can identify their strengths, and the platform can quickly establish multiple negotiation spaces based on the characteristics of both supply and demand sides, thus completing the validation of demand value and feasibility.


Mechanism for Replicating Successful Models: The mechanism involves replicating the final negotiated solutions as a new business model.Executable intelligent contracts are generated based on the negotiation results, and by continuously aggregating similar demands, the bulk replication of business units is achieved.


With the power of a spark, we aim to create a prairie fire. Sunline will continue to actively explore application innovation solutions based on Ascend technology, working together with our ecosystem partners to build a strong foundation for the digital intelligence era and unlock the infinite possibilities of artificial intelligence.

About The Ascend AI Innovation Competition

The Ascend AI Innovation Competition is a top-tier event tailored for AI developers, with the aim of inspiring developers across the industry to craft software and hardware solutions based on Ascend AI technology and products, delve into model algorithms, hasten the fusion of AI with various sectors, and boost the skills of developers. With the theme “Toward a Digital Intelligence Future, Driven by You,” the competition is directed under the guidance of the New Generation Artificial Intelligence Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance (AITISA) and the China Artificial Intelligence Industry Development Alliance (AIIA). It is organized by Ascend Eco-Innovation Centers nationwide, Huawei, and co-organized by the OpenI community, collaboratively advancing with AI developers to propel the large-scale application of AI in industries and lead the next era of AI industry’s future.

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Established since year 2002, Sunline is the leading banking software and technology services company in China. Public listed in year 2012, Sunline has more than 6000 employees worldwide serving beyond 800 banking and finance customers. As the global financial technology leader, Sunline is continuously reinventing our solutions by integrating latest technology trends with industry best practices to provide comprehensive and secure financial solutions.

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