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From December 16th to 18th, the 17th Shenzhen International Finance Expo, themed on "Gathering New Dynamics in Finance, Empowering High-Quality Development," concluded successfully. This year's Finance Expo was hosted by the Shenzhen Municipal People's Government, and co-organized by the Shenzhen Local Financial Supervision and Administration Bureau, the Shenzhen Branch of the People's Bank of China, and the Shenzhen Banking Association, among others. Sunline, as a representative of financial technology companies, was invited to participate. With its brand's full range of digital intelligence on display, Sunline set up a booth at the Financel Expo, sharing the financial grand event with over 300 enterprises.


As a global financial digital consulting and solution service provider, Sunline set up a booth at this year's Finance Expo with the theme of "Building a Foundation with IT Innovation, Empowering with Digital Intelligence." The booth comprehensively displayed Sunline's best practices in the fields of financial core systems, big data, and smart management, and highlighted the newly launched comprehensive digital intelligence financial core solution, continuously attracting the attention and inquiries of visitors.

Full Steam Ahead, Breakthroughs in Digital Intelligence Core Innovation


Amid the collision of financial services and digital intelligence technology, banking operations are gradually migrating online, and digitalization has become a new challenge for the banking industry's development. Sunline continues to increase its investment in research and development, deepen its understanding of business operations, and enhance its technological capabilities, scaling new heights on the path of innovation. Sunline's comprehensive digital intelligence financial core solution features "enterprise-level modeling, application domain-driven design, modular microservices architecture, and disaster recovery architecture supported by multi-active and IT innovation," providing a financial-grade, highly available cloud-native digital productivity. By integrating intelligent tools, it achieves the goal of "born in the cloud, grown in the cloud" for banking core applications, leading rapid innovation in financial scenarios.

Showcasing Full-Stack Expertise, Engaging Narratives on Financial Insights


The excitement doesn't stop there. Sunline also showcased three full-stack solutions at the event: digital finance, digital intelligence empowerment, and smart management, all centered on empowering various scenarios.


Digital Finance Business: Based on the framework of enterprise-level architecture construction, Sunline has integrated innovation of technology and business, continuously incorporating the latest practices such as "microservices, componentization," and has formed a family of digital finance products that cover various financial transaction business scenarios. This includes core businesses, credit businesses, card businesses, and channel businesses, meeting the comprehensive needs of financial institutions for digital transformation.


Smart Management Business: Sunline is dedicated to driving the digital transformation of financial institutions' financial management. We comprehensively innovate the system for customers to set, measure, evaluate, analyze, and apply value data objectives. With the integration of business and finance and strategic financial management as the core orientation, we provide customers with forward-looking, comprehensive financial value management solutions.


Big Data Business: Based on its deep accumulation in the financial industry, Sunline has created an integrated data solution that encompasses data planning, data backend, data middle office, data applications, and data asset management. From the process of business datafication, data assetification, asset servicefication to service businessfication, it comprehensively activates the potential of data elements, creates a closed loop of data value, and empowers the digital transformation and high-quality development of financial institutions.


Based on over 20 years of technological accumulation and a wealth of scenario practice advantages, Sunline has become a financial company with the most comprehensive product portfolio in the industry. This includes new core systems, a full set of business applications, a full set of data management tools, and a full technology stack, meeting the needs of the financial industry's overall digital intelligence transformation with five complete product systems. Moreover, having been tested by more than 800 financial institutions, Sunline is even more capable of completing the integration and reuse construction of the bank's organizational-level capabilities.


In the future, Sunline will continue to adhere to technological innovation-driven development and global empowerment without compromise. We will provide convenient, intelligent, and personalized financial services to financial institutions with higher quality and more efficient digital intelligence products and solutions, offering new momentum for the industry's entry into the era of digital intelligence.

About Shenzhen International Finance Expo


The Shenzhen International Finance Expo (hereinafter referred to as "SIFE") is an important branded exhibition hosted by the Shenzhen Municipal People's Government. The exhibition aims to promote the optimization of Shenzhen's industrial structure and the rapid and stable development of its social economy, build a bridge for communication and cooperation between Shenzhen and the rest of the world, create a favorable international investment and financing environment, enhance global resource allocation capabilities, and support the construction of the international financial hub of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. During the exhibition, various professional forums and matchmaking events will be held to promote exchanges and cooperation in the financial industry.


About Sunline


Established since year 2002, Sunline is the leading banking software and technology services company in China. Public listed in year 2012, Sunline has more than 6000 employees worldwide serving beyond 800 banking and finance customers. As the global financial technology leader, Sunline is continuously reinventing our solutions by integrating latest technology trends with industry best practices to provide comprehensive and secure financial solutions.

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