Sunline Assists Everbright Bank in Full Core System Construction
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Looking back at 2023, the collaboration between Everbright Bank and Sunline has been truly fruitful. Following the successful bid for the loan core project in the first half of the year, Sunline recently secured the deposit core project for Everbright Bank, becoming the sole vendor for the comprehensive core construction of the shareholding bank. This partnership injects new technological advancements and innovative energy into the industry's digital transformation.


Milestone Expertise in Implementing Modeling

Sunline, as the sole vendor with industry-recognized expertise in implementing modeling, leverages its milestone project experience in large state-owned banks. With extensive refinement and optimization, Sunline has gained a comprehensive and systematic understanding of model reconstruction systems, significantly reducing the bank's derivation process from scratch. This enhancement greatly boosts project efficiency and allows for the reasonable control of bank investment costs.


Integration of Advanced Architecture

In core system design, Sunline employs the concept of enterprise-level architecture, standardizing data, interfaces, and service capabilities throughout the construction process. This standardized approach guides the development of peripheral systems, ensuring a seamless integration process. During core implementation, Sunline references advanced industry practices and combines its rich case studies to devise a tailored core construction path for Everbright Bank. This established path substantially enhances Everbright Bank's delivery capabilities and provides valuable experiential insights for future core deliveries.


Seamless Cooperation and Mutual Benefits

The successful collaboration between Sunline and Everbright Bank stems from various factors. Firstly, Sunline's exceptional technical prowess positions it as the sole vendor with practical modeling experience in the industry. Secondly, every member of the Sunline team embodies a fusion of industry and technology expertise, thoroughly grasping advanced architectures and the bank's diverse product systems. This alignment effectively guides and propels Everbright Bank's business layout and technological demands. Additionally, the professionalism and dedication demonstrated by Sunline during the implementation of the loan core project left a profound impression on Everbright Bank.


Therefore, the renewed collaboration between Sunline and Everbright Bank not only validates Sunline's delivery capabilities but also deepens the partnership between the two parties. Sunline will continue to uphold its innovative spirit, integrating cutting-edge technology into Everbright Bank's core construction strategy, and providing services that are more tailored to application scenarios and adaptable to business development.



For the industry, Everbright Bank's exploration of a modeling core path with distinctive features holds significant importance. With characteristics such as replicability, strong operability, and controllable costs, this path is likely to become a benchmark for subsequent bank core constructions.


For Sunline, this core construction represents a milestone, differentiated practice. It diverges from the modeling process of state-owned large banks and instead adopts a core implementation path tailored to true customization. This signifies another strategic step forward for Sunline in exploring the intersection of "data" and "intelligence." Sunline will actively expand cooperation with more banks and other financial institutions, jointly constructing an open, cooperative, and mutually beneficial financial technology ecosystem.

About Everbright Bank

Established in 1992, is a nationwide joint-stock commercial bank with its headquarters in Beijing. The bank's main businesses encompass corporate banking, treasury services, investment banking, wealth management, and mortgage services, among other areas, dedication to providing high-quality financial services to individuals and society at large. Actively responding to the country's Belt and Road Initiative, China Everbright Bank is accelerating its international development, having already established branches in multiple countries and regions.

About Sunline

Established since year 2002, Sunline is the leading banking software and technology services company in China. Public listed in year 2012, Sunline has more than 6000 employees worldwide serving beyond 800 banking and finance customers. As the global financial technology leader, Sunline is continuously reinventing our solutions by integrating latest technology trends with industry best practices to provide comprehensive and secure financial solutions.

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