Customer-Centric : Sunline Technology’s credit products based on data governance are making a big splash
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With the advent of the digital age, the financial industry is constantly changing and innovating. For the banking industry, it is both an impact and a reshaping. In the 5G era, the idea of customer-centric: has been paid attention and valued. With this idea in mind, only then we can meet customer needs, improve customer satisfaction, and achieve sustainable development of the enterprise. While being customer-centric, it should also focus on people's livelihood applications, and take multiple measures in parallel in terms of innovating digital products, optimizing online service experience, and building a scenario ecology.

Pain point comes with solution!

As a company that focus on financial technology, Sunline is the world's leading digital financial IT pioneer and leader. It provides financial institutions with Internet financial business, core business and other full-stack financial IT solutions. It also has a deep understanding of the credit field. After years of deep cultivation in the industry, based on profound business insight, Sunline launched a new generation of credit business management platform. The platform adopts the "competence center + microservice + componentization" architecture for application design, abstracts the needs of business lines and forms various business components. The capabilities of components cover the whole life of credit business cycle with business rules, and group them into multiple service centers according to the consideration of reuse of credit business functions.

Aiming at the existing conventional credit customer management problems, such as scattered customer information management, lack of full-process management, insufficient customer classification management, lack of personalized marketing strategies, and insufficient application of digital tools, Sunline Technology has further launched a Unified Customer Management Center to generate targeted solutions for each pain point  based on the concept of data governance in mind.


Pain point 1: Decentralized customer information management, lack of full-process management

In the traditional credit business, customer information management is very scattered, and different branches or business departments are relatively independent. It is impossible to effectively integrate online and offline customer information, and it is impossible to open up OMNI-channel links. At the same time, it also affects customer experience and enterprise management.

Sunline’s Unified Customer Management Center realizes unified management of customer information, and builds a 360° unified view of customers in combination with customer family information, key relationship information, affiliated companies, and guarantee information; it supports OMNI-channel imports, breaks the barriers to customer channels, and realizes comprehensive online process management; using OCR, GPS on-site positioning, electronic signature, satellite remote sensing technology and other application tools to simplify the operation process of customers in credit business, greatly improving customer service capabilities.

Pain point 2: Insufficient customer classification management and low customer satisfaction

The traditional customer classification is relatively simple, and it is impossible to manage customer needs from multiple dimensions such as gender, age, occupation, hobbies, risk preferences, and channel preferences. As a result, companies cannot accurately understand customer needs and provide personalized services, thereby reducing customer satisfaction. .

Sunline’s Unified Customer Management Center supports refined customer management, and adopts a design model for hierarchical and differentiated management of retail, corporate, industry, group and other customer types to achieve specific sharing of multiple customer information and information privatization. At the same time, relying on new technologies such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and block-chain, we will improve the digital and intelligent level of credit customer service, and provide customers with differentiated, exclusive, and personalized financial services that lead into the transformation and upgrading of credit customer service.

Pain point 3: Lack of personalized marketing strategy and lack of customer stickiness

In the future, banks will accumulate more and more customer data. Due to technical deficiencies, banks will not be able to deeply explore customer needs and meet customers' diversified financing needs in different scenarios and stages, which will lead to insufficient customer stickiness.

Sunline Technology’s Unified Customer Management Center uses various data from inside and out to provide customer group labeling services for precise marketing, empowering the whole bank to expand marketing. Relying on digital technology to innovate the customer service model, reshape and rebuild the credit financial product service system, such as improving customer satisfaction and stickiness through special festival family care, event marketing, and post-loan repayment reminders.

To sum up, Sunline’s Unified Customer Management Centerr is a customer-centric service platform that integrates full-process management, personalized marketing, digital tool applications, and scene services. It can prepare for the subsequent increase in the value of data assets and provide customers with better quality , personalized financial services.

Multi-dimensional abilities for diverse needs!

The overall design of Sunline’s Unified Customer Management Center is based on the bank’s customer data management and data governance system, use the data in the storage, management, identification, and application fields as resources to implement data asset service and business-centric data operations.

Product Innovation: Create personalized products based on user data analysis

Customer Service: Integrate internal and external data such as basic customer information, asset status, industry and commerce, and credit information, build an evaluation model, draw customer portraits, deep dive into the potential value of data, and then formulate different business strategies to lock target groups through precision marketing

User Experience: Use various digital and intelligent application tools to simplify the operation process of customers in credit business and greatly improve customer service capabilities

Scenario Services: Support the provision of corresponding customer management services based on the introduced service scenarios, improve the one-stop service capabilities of the credit system, and meet the exclusive and characteristic service needs of specific customer groups

Emerging Services: Aiming at the emerging customer groups such as business circles and business chains, and realize customer group management based on the relationship between each independent body and the whole through a network model. While for the customer group unit, satisfy the unified credit service for the group in the credit dimension

In the future, with the continuous development of the digitalization, the financial industry will pay more attention to the concept of customer-centric. Sunline Technology will continue to adhere to the original intention of customer-oriented, continue to innovate and change, and make greater contributions to the sustainable development of the industry.

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