Sunline Technology helped joint-stock banks obtain DCMM Level 4 certification, leading the industry in data management capabilities!
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Recently, China Federation of Electronic and Information Industry announced the latest batch of companies that have passed the Data Management Capability Maturity Assessment Model (DCMM) certification. Sunline Technology helped a joint-stock bank obtain the quantitative management level (level 4) certification. This indicates that the data management and application capabilities of the joint-stock bank have passed the national standard certification and reached the advanced level in the industry.

DCMM  is the first national standard in the field of data management in my country. The standard covers eight data asset management-related capability domains, including data strategy, data standards, data quality, and data security. Provide guidance on building data management capabilities in terms of management systems, organizational structures, management processes, and technical tools.

Up to now, DCMM has become the most authoritative data management maturity certification system in China, and it is also a strong qualification certificate of data management level. Under the background of the comprehensive acceleration of digital transformation in the current financial industry, carrying out DCMM assessment is a strategic choice for financial institutions to establish and evaluate their own data management capabilities, continuously improve data management organizations, procedures and systems, and enhance the internal motivation of data management.

A joint-stock bank officially launched the DCMM assessment and standard implementation work in 2022. As a long-term partner of the bank, Sunline Technology has been deeply involved in the construction of its big data capability system. In the past 20 years, it has successively completed ODS and construction of cockpit management systems, data warehouse migration, enterprise-level dispatching system construction, financial market construction, big data platform optimization, EAST data governance and other projects, covering data governance, data architecture, data application, data quality, data standards and other fields of competence , to help the joint-stock bank fully tap the value of data, and comprehensively move towards informatization, digitalization, and intelligent transformation.

In this DCMM standard implementation evaluation work, Sunline Technology refined, perfected and reviewed the data governance construction results from the system and other levels by bench-marking the DCMM quantitative management-level requirements, and finally assisted the joint-stock bank to pass the evaluation, which fully demonstrated the long-term Sunline Technology's professional capabilities in the field of data governance.

With the rapid development of the digital economy, it has gradually become an industry consensus to improve data management capabilities and consolidate the foundation of data management. Sunline Technology has refined a full-link big data solution of planning, gathering, management, calculation, and use, covering 8 major capability domains of DCMM data management, which can efficiently help financial institutions implement standards and improve data service capabilities. At the same time, Sunline Technology has successively participated in the preparation of a number of financial industry standards, including <<Financial Data Security Data Security Classification Guide>>, <<Financial Data Warehouse Development Report (White Paper)>>, <<Privacy Protection Financial Application Research Based on Alliance Chain Technology "Report>>, <<Specifications for Quantitative Evaluation of Data Capabilities in the Financial Industry>>, etc., have become industry-leading data standard setters and practitioners.

In the future, Sunline Technology will continue to help financial institutions to implement the long-term data strategy plan, continuously improve data management capabilities, fully tap the value of data, deeply apply data analysis, accelerate the release of data dividends, and make a greater contributions in relation to the surging Digital Blue Ocean and the construction of a digital power.


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