Sunline Technology x Huawei: Jointly building the future of digital and intelligent finance in HIFS23, Huawei Intelligent Finance Summit 2023
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Huawei Intelligent Finance Summit 2023 HIFS23 was officially launched in Shanghai on 7th of June 2023 with the theme “navigate change, shaping smarter finance together”, to discuss the industrys challenges and also to explore future-oriented digitization and business innovation. As an important partner of Huawei's financial industry, Sunline Technology presented a number of joint solutions at the summit, included Huawei's GaussDB database, ecosystem plan for the finance industry and also with other industry partners to deepen digitization and Intelligence journey, join hands together in the future of digital and intelligent finance.

Huawei released the GaussDB database, ecosystem plan for the finance industry, attended by Ms Xu Yali, Executive Vice President  of Sunline Technology

Joint-released of new financial distributed digital core solution 3.0, attended by Wu Shaofan, Vice President of Sunline Technology

Huawei, together with Sunline Technology and other ecological partners, jointly released the new financial distributed core solution 3.0, accelerating application modernization for banking customers

As a vital ecological partner of Huawei's financial industry, apart from sharing of insights during the summit, Sunline and Huawei also jointly launched two oversea oriented products; M-Core and i-Core. The two products built on a powerful and scalable technical architecture, while utilizing Huawei cloud computing, micro-services, distributed frameworks, and API-driven integration to achieve seamless connections with other systems and applications. Sunline and Huawei work closely together to build a full-scenario-oriented banking core solution, deeply cultivate the financial scene, and support the continuous and steady growth of the business with lean business innovation, open and agile architecture, real-time intelligent decision-making, infrastructure upgrade, and joint construction of a digital talent ecosystem.

Sunline and Huawei jointly launched two oversea oriented products; M-Core V1.0 and i-Core V3.5

In the partner exhibition area of the summit, Sunline Technology displayed multiple products such as digital banking solutions to the guests, attracted many customers from Hong Kong, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, etc. Showcased the strong influence of Sunline Technology in the industry.

Sunline booth display

During the summit, the FPGGP 2023 Annual Partner Conference was successfully held, and Sunline Technology won the FPGGP Best Contribution Award. Since its official establishment in 2021, Huawei Smart Financial Partners Going Global Program (FPGGP) has been committed to building a cooperative development platform for co-creation, sharing, and win-win results. As one of the first batch of FPGGP council members, Sunline Technology has in-depth cooperation with Huawei to develop a cloud-native digital bank joint solution, successfully opened up the Southeast Asian market, and has benchmark customers in Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and other countries. In the future, the two parties will work together to develop a broader market, help the global financial industry to accelerate the digital transformation, share the mission of the industry, and lead the development of science and technology.

Digitization and intelligence are reshaping finance and driving new growth. Sunline Technology has been cultivating technology in the financial industry for 21 years. In the future, it will continue to share and co-create with Huawei, embrace the digital world hand in hand, and promote the development of financial digitization

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