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On the morning of May 30, 2023, Beijing time, "Shenzhou 16" manned spacecraft will be launched by the "Long March 2F" remote 16 carrier rocket. After the ship and arrow are separated, the spacecraft will go to the Chinese space station in a fast rendezvous and docking mode. Finally, it was docked at the radial port of the "Tianhe" core cabin in the afternoon of the same day, forming a combination of three cabins and three ships.


Just as the docking of the core module means that the first manned flight mission of the space station application and development stage is a complete success, the bank's new core system also indicates that digital transformation has entered a new orbit.


Compared with the previous crews, the Shenzhou 16 crews are quite distinctive, and can be summed up in three words: "comprehensive", "new" and "multiple": "Comprehensive" - for the first time to include "space pilots, spaceflight engineers, payloads, etc, three types of astronauts; "New" - the third batch of astronauts to perform the mission for the first time, and it is also the first flight of the country's aerospace flight engineers and payload experts; "Multiple", the astronaut Jing Haipeng is the fourth time to perform the mission and will become China's astronaut who has "flyed into the sky" the most times so far.


Relying on its solid technical accumulation, Sunline Technology has won the bid this month and continued to lead the market. This feature can also be summed up same as“Shenzhou 16” in three words: "comprehensive", "new" and "multiple":


"Comprehensive" - including public service and asset business, accounting core, financial company core, credit asset restructuring, credit innovation transformation and other project types;


"New" - not only has the "distributed + micro-service" technical architecture, but also matches the enterprise-level architecture, brand-new implementation process and modeling system with industry-forward-looking capabilities;


"Multiple" - the number of successful bids is large, the amount is large, and the cumulative amount exceeds 100 million within half a month, covering joint-stock banks, top city commercial banks, leading listed city commercial banks, provincial finance companies, etc., and the good news is repeated.


The bank core system is the flagship product of Sunline Technology. It has been leading the development of the bank's core field with continuous innovation for 21 years, and has won the trust of many customers with its profound business insight, rich implementation experience, and comprehensive project implementation team. Highly recognized and has maintained a prominent competitive advantage in the industry.


Sunline Technology takes leading the development of core system technology in the industry as its own responsibility, absorbs and uses advanced technologies and concepts at home and abroad, keeps up with the development trend and changes of the banking industry, and successfully creates a set of technology through continuous technological updates and project implementation. Core system products with advanced features, mature architecture, stable operation, and strong adaptability. The design of the system always implements the concept of customer-centered, with flexible and changeable products as the main line, supported by organization and pricing management, combined with the development of Internet business, and constantly updated to build a new business application architecture and technology platform, which has become the trusted partner for banks and financial institutions on the track of digital transformation.


Chairman Xi said, "The real important weapon of a big country must be in our own hands. We must rely on self-reliance." Today is the seventh National Science and Technology Workers' Day. Self-reliance and self-improvement in science and technology are the foundation of a country's prosperity and security. The core system is the most important part of financial technology. Sunline Technology, as always, adheres to the concept of "dare to be the first in the world", is determined to innovate and act bravely, and will join hands with more customers to leverage technology on the road of high-quality development. "Both confident and Passionately invest in the cause of innovation” to achieve independent and controllable new qualitative changes.


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