Digital core : The solid foundation for the management of the financial department of Shaanxi Coal and Chemical Industry Group in China
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Recently, Sunline Technology won the bid for the new generation core system construction for Shaanxi Coal Industry Chemical Group Finance Co., Ltd.. With the long-standing cultural heritage in the city, and blend with leading trend of technological development can continuously infuse new vitality into the city.

Shaanxi Coal Industry and Chemical Group Finance Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Shaanxi Coal Finance Company") was established in June 2012. It is the first provincial enterprise group finance company established in Shaanxi Province. Capital strength and business scale rank first in Shaanxi and in the forefront of the industry. The company adheres to the business philosophy of "relying on the group and serving the group", assists the rapid development of the group enterprise, and serves the strategic transformation of the enterprise group and the implementation of the national strategy.

Currently, Shaanxi Coal Finance is affected by technological evolution, financial payment methods, and corporate transformation. The existing core system has become a bottleneck in business development. It is urgent to upgrade and build a new generation of core system to better support and ensure the implementation of business strategies.

Sunline's new generation of core system products integrates the business characteristics of the financial company industry, takes inclusive customers as the starting point, and is committed to building a customer-centered, product-based business framework. Other than this, it also taking account as the business entity, taking events as the business driver, supplemented by a loosely coupled, highly scalable, efficient and stable core business system of flexible account system, product system and pricing system. With all these in place, it provides Shaanxi Coal Finance Company with a unified account management system, centralized financial product management and accounting processing, and a flexible pricing system, covering the main business of the finance company.

Through the construction of the system, it will meet the financial company's requirements of zero business data loss, 100% business security, 7×24 hours of uninterrupted and stable operation, and greatly improve the financial company's operational efficiency and business management level.

This project combines the needs of the future business operation and management of the financial company. The new generation of core business system of the financial company is built by introducing a mature software products and customizing them.

By improving the capital management and control level of the group company, it provides the group and its member units with a more secure, convenient and fast financial services and centralized fund management needs.

Relying on its rich experience in the implementation of the financial company industry, Sunline Technology will build the new generation core system of Shaanxi Coal Finance Company into a high-quality model project, injecting the original power of technology into the digital transformation of Shaanxi Coal Finance Company and boost  the strategic transformation of the enterpris

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