2023 Xinzhi Award|Sunline Technology won 2 top 10 awards again.
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The 5th Excellent Financial Data Intelligence Solution Selection, sponsored by Jinke Innovation Agency, has announced the list of winners. With the affirmation of all review experts, the "integrated data development and integration platform" of Sunline Technology won two awards, the TOP 10 excellent solutions recommended by experts and the TOP 10 excellent solutions for network influence.

Sunline Technology has been focusing on self-research and innovation for 21 years, and is committed to the application of digital technology in the financial field. It has created more than 100 products and solutions, covering various fields of digital transformation in the financial industry. A closed loop of data asset value has been formed in term of "business digitization, data assetization as well as asset and business servicing. Through the collection, storage, integration, processing, and management of data generated by business processes, the analysis results are embedded in the business process, assisting scenarios such as smart marketing, smart risk control, and refined operation analysis, so as to increase the value of data assets.


Sunline Technology has been deeply involved in the field of big data in the financial industry for many years. It adheres to the needs of the financial industry as the guide, innovation as the drive, combined with the industry's mainstream DataOps system as the theoretical basis, and the integration of multiple products of Sunline Technology to create an "integrated data development Integrated Platform". The platform links multiple development processes such as demand management, model management, data development, and data testing, realizing one-stop development full-process management based on the DataOps system, and improving development quality and efficiency. At the same time, multiple data products such as data development, data scheduling, data exchange, and data management and control are horizontally connected to assist the efficiency of the operation of the enterprise data centers.


Five major functional highlights:


Intelligent modeling: Platform planning is carried out from the four dimensions of specification definition, release review, convenient development, and business management. Guided by the methodology of data-centered platforms, a data modeling platform jointly built by multiple departments is formed;


Unified development: Integrate multiple basic products of Sunline Technology, connect demand management, model design, script development, exchange development, service development, data testing, etc., to achieve online full-process management;


Data governance: Integrate data standard management, metadata management, data security, and data quality into the data development process for strong control. Realize data standardization and standardization in the design state and development state, improve data quality, and reduce the pressure of post-event data governance;


Data application: build a data map with metadata as the core, realize automatic collection and retrieval of metadata, blood relationship analysis, impact analysis, data exploration and other functions, and improve the efficiency of user finding and using numbers;


Data management: Establish an integrated management mechanism for data development, operation and maintenance, provide basic guarantees in terms of system, organizational structure, management mechanism, data culture, personnel training, etc., and realize the entire process of demand management.

The tide of intelligence is coming, and data is the best signal light. In the future, Sunline Technology will continue to use the combined capabilities based on technology + data to stimulate the innovation power in the field of data intelligence, make steady progress in the industry, and provide more financial institutions with end-to-end data intelligence products and services.

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