Won the bid for the new core project of Everbright Bank!
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Recently, Sunline Technology won the bid for China Everbright Bank's "New Generation Core System New Project-Public Services and Assets Business", which once again injected professional and innovative fresh energy into the new core construction of joint-stock banks.


In recent years, the business philosophy of China's banking industry has been continuously updated, the scale of institutions has expanded rapidly, regulatory requirements have increased year by year, and the concept of customer-centricity has gradually strengthened. Changes in the business environment have put forward higher requirements on the business philosophy and system construction of my country's banking operators.


The core system of Sunline Technology takes leading the development of core system technology in the industry as its own responsibility, absorbs and uses advanced technologies and concepts at home and abroad, keeps up with the development trend and changes of banking business, and has passed many state-owned banks, joint-stock banks, leading city commercial banks, etc. After the implementation of the bank project, it has successfully created a set of core system products with advanced technology, mature structure, stable operation and strong adaptability. The ability of harmony can realize the vision of the new core system of the bank.


The design of the core system of Sunline Technology always implements the concept of customer-centered, with flexible and changeable products as the main line, supported by organization and pricing management. It also combined with the development of Internet business, and to update progressively, and adopts the design idea of micro-service: a business architecture that is separated from business and accounting.


Sunline Technology has a full-stack solution, which can take the opportunity of building a new core system to provide accurate and reliable data support for the bank management system to meet its ever-changing business needs, rapid innovation product needs and automatic, efficient and concise business processes . At the same time, Sunline Technology ensures that the bank's risk prevention and control meets the requirements of all financial regulatory departments, so as to comprehensively improve customer experience and reshape the information system application system to increase strength and power.


Sunline Technology keeps pace with the times. Through years of practice, it has built a modeling tool based on the DevOps software development management model, which supports applications in various stages such as requirement analysis, design, testing, and operation and maintenance, and realizes the transformation from enterprise-level architecture to implementation process to software. Full life cycle process monitoring of R&D operation and maintenance. The modeling system of Sunline Technology has a certain degree of foresight and strong scalability. Each process implementation has corresponding supporting tools, and the bank can implement each process visually on the supporting platform. At the same time, it supports the integration with the bank’s platform, draws on the strengths of each company, meets the needs of subsequent customization, and helps the bank implement the modeling system and improve efficiency.


Sunline Technology's experienced and skilled project implementation team, coupled with strong product R&D background support capabilities and advanced core construction capabilities, will provide China Everbright Bank with strong service support for its core, stable expectations, and long-term benefit.

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