Creating The Future — Sunline Technology Appears at 2023 Alibaba Cloud Financial Innovation Summit
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On May 19, 2023 Alibaba Cloud Financial Innovation Summit was held in Hangzhou. With the theme of "New Origin, Create the Future", this conference focuses on the innovation and practice of finance and cloud computing, discusses the digital productivity of the future financial industry with industry elites, industry pioneers and technology decision makers, and redefines the next generation of financial services. As an all-round partner of Alibaba Cloud, Sunline Technology presented products such as cloud-native financial core joint solutions at the event.


In the digital age, the underlying logic of core application construction in the financial industry is being reshaped. For super-large-scale and super-complex modern financial core applications, the core reconstruction project is not just a simple replacement of technical architecture, but also requires a deep integration of business planning and IT planning to implement upgrades and implementations in an agile and iterative manner. From the traditional technical architecture to cloud-native and other brand-new technical architectures, creating an independent and innovative enterprise-level technology platform has become the choice of more and more financial institutions.


At this conference, Sunline Technology focused on the theme of "intelligent exploration of cloud-native financial core and implementation process", and demonstrated the cloud-native financial core joint solution based on new architecture, technology and path polishing. The solution is based on the cloud-native concept, enterprise-level implementation process, Sunline Technology's cloud-native digital productivity platform, and Ali Financial Cloud's family bucket products. It can provide "enterprise-level business modeling, domain-level application planning, unitized architecture design, lossless Cloud-native high-availability digital productivity of "disaster recovery" realizes the financial core's goal of "born in the cloud and grows in the cloud", leading the rapid innovation of financial scenarios.


Since Sunline Technology and Alibaba Cloud reached a comprehensive cooperation in 2022, the two parties have jointly established a special technical team to work on Sunline Technology's cloud-native digital productivity platform, core system and Alibaba Cloud SofaStack, cloud-native distributed database, Feitian cloud technology base, etc. In-depth docking in various fields aims to jointly create cloud-native core key capabilities, and continue to promote the transformation and upgrading of the core system of the financial industry to cloud-native distributed.


At present, the construction of the financial core is in a critical period of industry transformation. This process requires the cooperation of financial institutions and technology manufacturers to jointly build and create with an open mind. As a leader in China's financial technology, Sunline will continue to work with Alibaba Cloud to innovate and inject core momentum into the digital transformation of the financial industry.

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