Winning the bid for China's Agricultural Bank | Sunline Technology’s state-owned bank territory is now 100% lit up in China!
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Sunline successfully won the bid for the development and testing outsourcing project of a major state-owned bank. This is another milestone in the road of IT construction of Sunline, and it marks the successful completion of the layout of the state-owned big bank of Sunline.


Since 2020, the road of IT construction of Sunline Technology Co., Ltd. for state-owned big bank has started, leading technology and professional services all the way and became unstoppable. It has completed the transformation from a follower to innovator and leader in the breakthrough of the project. The growth and transformation of the company has become the strength to become the partner of the big bank. This project is the first time that Sunline has won the bid for the big bank, anchoring the sixth state-owned big bank that has made a breakthrough in the development of the big bank.


Sunline Technology pays attention to personnel training and technology inheritance. The high-quality and strong-technical hard-core team selected from multiple projects not only can work as a lone ranger, but also work as a team. The comprehensive management subsidiaries and the information technology construction of Jinke Company have injected innovative vitality. Sunline Technology will give full play to its core advantages of innovation and professionalism, fully and deeply participate in the informatization and digital deployment of major banks, and provide services for their digital transformation.


With 21 years of perseverance, Sunline Technology will continue to uphold the concept of innovation first and win-win for customers, relying on independent and controllable full-stack capabilities, profound industry insights, professional practical experience, enduring innovation vitality, and comprehensive capabilities The elite team provides customers with high-quality and high-standard digital financial services, and continues to make efforts in the field of financial IT to strive for the first place.

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