Sunline Technology won two awards for core industry partners of Tencent Cloud
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Recently, the 2023 Tencent Cloud Core Industry Partner High-Level Communication Conference with the theme "Win-Win Cooperation and Going Far Together" was held in Tencent Binhai Building. Sunline Technology was invited to attend, and by virtue of its excellent performance in the process of close cooperation with Tencent over the years, Won the "Best Practice Award for Key Application Localization Construction" and "Tencent Cloud Database TDSQL Product Deep Integration Solution Partner" two awards.


Since the cooperation, the two parties have focused on the field of financial technology, actively expanded the dimension and breadth of cooperation, jointly launched the distributed core system & Tencent TDSQL joint solution, jointly pioneered the field of credit innovation in China's banking industry, and created the first domestic bank core system software and hardware Self-controllable, the first traditional banking core business system that uses domestic databases as a benchmark project, and has been successfully put into production in many banking institutions.


Since its establishment, Sunline Technology has always regarded "independent innovation" as its core gene, and shouldered the independent and controllable mission of national financial information construction. In 2023, the development of Information Technology Application Innovation Industry is at the right time. Sunline Technology will continue to strengthen technology, improve products, create ecology, and improve services, continue to contribute to the development of the information security industry, and create an increasingly prosperous in Information Technology Application Innovation Industry pattern with ecological partners.

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