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Recently, the Ministry of Finance issued the <<Interim Provisions on Accounting Treatment of Enterprise Data Resources (Draft for Comment)>>, which intends to standardize the accounting treatment of enterprise data resources and strengthen the disclosure of relevant accounting information. This presses the accelerator key for the "entry" of data assets, and will also greatly activate the vitality of data elements.

In the era of digital economy, data has risen to be a core factor of production and has become an important strategic resource of the country. Unleashing the value of data and cultivating a new engine for the digital economy is an important signal released by the national "14th Five-Year Plan" digital economy development plan, "14th Five-Year Plan and 2035 Long-term Goal Outline" and "Twenty Points for Data" in the past two years .


Data resources are undoubtedly the new blue ocean, and there is a huge room for imagination of assets that can be mined. As a leader in digital construction, the financial industry plays a "blood" role in promoting the application of data elements. As the digital transformation of banks enters the deep water area, how to use emerging technologies to activate the potential of data elements and fully release the value of data elements has become an important and urgent issue.


As a leading enterprise in domestic financial technology, Sunline Technology has a deep accumulation in the field of financial big data. It can provide consulting services on data architecture, data assets, and data governance, as well as construction plans for data platforms, data middle platforms, and lake warehouses. And the implementation of data applications such as regulatory submissions, risk applications, and customer relationship management; at the same time, continue to explore the application of cutting-edge technologies such as AI, cloud computing, and blockchain in the financial industry, and focus on continuously polishing corporate financial solutions with the latest technologies. Among them, the use of AI technology, combined with data analysis and data modeling, to realize the mining of data value in the financial industry is one of the forward-looking layouts of SunlineTechnology.


Based on this strategic layout, Sunline Technology has created a dedicated business team for data mining and AI projects. The team's technical strength is hard-core, deeply integrating AI modeling technology, including NLP (Natural Language Processing), RPA (Process Robot) and other technologies with the company's data application solutions, to create risk warning modeling, customer marketing models, intelligent Various AI application scenarios such as customer service and intelligent operation. After long-term business development, Sunline has made great achievements in the field of AI and data modeling, and has provided data analysis and mining modeling services for Postal Savings Bank, China Merchants Bank, China CITIC Bank, Ping An Bank and other financial institutions.


While continuing to focus on the application and implementation of AI technology, Sunline Technology has also actively launched joint explorations with partners in promoting the ecological construction of AI applications, and has completed the docking with many large-scale AI analysis frameworks and tool products in China. As early as 2021, Sunline and Huawei's AI analysis framework MindSpore and AI one-stop development platform ModleArts have demonstrated each other and promoted them in the market.


Based on the MindSpore framework and the world's leading natural language understanding and key big data technologies, Sunline Technology has independently developed big data products such as smart marketing platforms, smart risk control platforms, and data asset management platforms. The natural advantages of processing and storage technology, combined with knowledge map, data mining, natural language processing and other technologies, according to customer needs, with rich business scenario models, in-depth analysis and mining of data value.




At present, the data element market is developing at the right time, and there are more and more application scenarios of data modeling and AI for banks. Sunline Technology will integrate innovation with "technology + data", actively explore and promote the innovative application of AI technology in more financial business fields, use technology to empower financial services to improve quality and efficiency, and help financial institutions achieve high-quality development

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