Sunline Helps a City Commercial Bank Stimulate New Impetus with a New Core System
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Recently, Sunline helped a city commercial bank's launched their core system and data governance projects. After 13 months of hard work, a stable, efficient and advanced new core business system perfectly meets the bank's business needs and technical requirements, fully reflecting "customer-oriented and data-driven" to stimulate new impetus for the rapid development of the bank.

Upgrading new cores and reshaping new advantages

The previous generation of core business system of the city commercial bank has made great contributions to its stable development, but with the further deepening of financial system reformation and the advancement of interest rate marketization, this core business system cannot adapt well to the development of business under the new situation, especially in terms of customer information management, flexible parameter configuration, flexible pricing, product factory, refined data support and other aspects.

Therefore, it is urgent to support the bank's rapid development needs in the future through the construction of a new generation core business systems to meet the business needs and technical requirements, providing effective data support for the management system to fully reflect "customer-centricity", meet the changing business needs, rapid product innovation, automate efficient business processes, and ultimately meeting the level of risk prevention, control, operation and management of various financial regulatory authorities.

Sunline is a leading financial IT solutions provider in China, and the only company that can independently provide three series of products and solutions for commercial banking, management and channels in the country. In addition, Sunline's core system products have been fully affirmed by the market, being successfully launched and operated stably in many joint-stock commercial banks, urban commercial banks, rural commercial banks and private banks, winning the trust and choice of customers through experience.

The new generation core system meets the current needs of the industry with customer-centricity, business parameterization, multi-legal person, product factory, interest rate marketization, rate parameterization, local and foreign currency integration, multi-dimensional pricing differentiation, customer accounting and internal liquidation, general ledger processing and other characteristics, to meet the requirements of being high performance, high availability, high concurrency and collaboration with other information systems, with risk management and control capabilities to achieve refined management of basic data support and rapid innovation of financial products, fully meeting the bank's future business development.

Maintaining stability and improving quality through excellent technical background

The core team of 30 professional and responsible members ensure the smooth launch of the project on schedule. The reliable products and responsible team ensured timely and accurate demand responses, and allowed the new generation core systems to be highly recognized by the industry.

The whole project was progressing in an orderly and steady manner and the project covered core accounting system includes all modules including public, deposit, card, loan, and accounting; the core is connected to 107 systems and 718 peripheral interfaces, the rewrite of detailed design specification of the whole module with more than 8,000 pages, detailed ER diagram of the whole module, and more than 10,000 core test cases of the design; A total of 20 rounds of data migration with nearly 1,000 inspections, 2 sand table drills, 4 production drills, and a completed one-time production.

The new generation core system fully meets the technical and business needs of the industry with

1. Technical characteristics that:

-       comply with SOA architecture requirements, support flexible expansion, reasonable business component planning, moderate granularity and flexible expansion, meet the bank's personalized requirements, and fully support the processes of the bank.

-       adopt open architecture and mainstream technology platform that supports horizontal expansion, large-scale relational database, mainstream middleware and open platform hardware, provide standard financial services with consistent channels, as well as meet the requirements of stability, flexibility and scalability.        

-       support multi-application server deployment architecture with read-write separation structure design, separation of query transactions and update transactions, and dual-database operation mode.

-       provides an intuitive graphical operation development platform, product and parameter management platform.

-       releases a complete and stable service interface to the outside world, and has a complete interface description document.

-       supports data standardization, and through the implementation of the project, the system itself has completed its own data standardization processing.

-       has a hotspot account processing mechanism, which greatly improves the processing capacity of hotspot accounts.

-       has an asynchronous accounting mechanism, which can improve the overall performance of the system by 10-20% and shorten the response time of online transactions.

-       has SQL cache mechanism and data cleaning mechanism.         

2. Business characteristics that:

-       reflect customer-centricity and service-oriented design concept to achieve differentiated services for customers.

-       has a strong product factory, with a unified product catalog, product design and product assembly mechanism, highly flexible and configurable, easy to master product parameters that can support rapid product innovation and timely response to the market.

-       differentiated pricing support for customers, interest rate marketization, exchange rate marketization, and differentiated pricing of rates and tax rates.

-       realizes the separation of trading and accounting, zero-level clearing, and 24x7x365 customer transactions.

The system has a complete multi-mode account system with a flexible and configurable account structure to fully meet the operational requirements of banks for account management.             

After the new generation of core system is launched, the new product workshop greatly shortens the product development cycle, standardizes system development, improves the delivery quality of application systems, and accelerates the efficiency of system optimization. The overall data volume of the core was moved in less than 3 hours, with the transaction volume on the first day reaching 4 million, the batch consumption at the end of the day took only about 30 minutes, the interest settlement of nearly 170,000 loans took less than 200 seconds, and the TPS broke 10,000, far exceeding the performance of the original system as well as the performance of the industry.

This project is another successful case of Sunline's launch in China market, providing experience and reference for the transformation and upgrade of other banks in the region and the construction of a banking system of the same scale in the country.

In this project, Sunline not only helped the city commercial bank complete the construction of a new core system, but also successfully created a unique data governance system for it.

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