Sunline Empowers Full-stack, Middle Office Financial Information Creation!
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Sunline Empowers Full-stack, Middle Office Financial Information Creation!

In 2022, the perseverance and unchanging determination of enterprises in China to control key technologies has accelerated the pace of innovation-led financial information development. From the base layer to application layer, the financial industry information innovation began to enter the deep blue sea, and the core transformation has stepped on the "accelerator” business deployment and implementation in the field of information innovation.

Sunline has been exploring financial information innovation since 2020, with more projects emerging one after another. Recently, we have won the distributed core technology consulting and technology middle office project for a joint-stock bank, highlighting yet another milestone for the information innovation exploration journey.

Full-stack strength for large banks

The business development direction of Sunline’s financial information innovation is to penetrate from large banks to small and medium-sized banks, so large banks play an important role as the leaders of the industry.

In order to meet the requirements of regulatory information creation, promote the digital transformation strategic goals of the Bank, as well as ensure the orderly development of the enterprise-level business middle office and distributed core construction, a joint-stock bank launched the preliminary technical research works of distributed core system construction before the formal project approval, gave priority to technical research and exploration to facilitate distributed core system engineering projects, ensuring the construction phase is faster, more efficient and targeted.

After rigorous investigations and early-stage exchanges, the Bank, attaching special importance to the standard of “successful cases by domestic manufacturers in the construction of distributed bank core system", has awarded the project to Sunline for its excellent implementation cases in several state-owned banks and joint-stock banks.

Sunline's information innovation practice in large banks is a valuable "source of living water" for the bank, designing the overall architecture scheme, migration plan and transformation roadmap for the bank's distributed core business system in three stages through rigorous evaluation and demonstration based on the current situation of the bank, forming the corresponding implementation path and plan and creating a reasonable prototyping.

Technology as the core, transforming banks from the middle-office

Technology middle office is not only a technical implementation method, but also a technical strategy and layout.

The construction of the technical middle office has its necessity and urgency:

1.              As the original technical architecture of banks gradually fail to meet the current business scenarios of high concurrency and large traffic, system upgrades and service optimization of FSIs are facing greater challenges.

2.              In order to meet the country's information innovation requirements and banks' own urgent needs for independent innovation, the banking industry has to take a distributed IT architecture with high performance, scalability and elasticity as the foundation to future-proof banking business.

3.              The construction of a technology middle office is also a powerful measure for banks to actively respond to the call for industrial digital transformation in China’s 14th Five-Year Plan, playing the role of a mainstay in the industry chain as a supporting platform to provide a strong infrastructure for the information creation, diversification, agility and diversification of new core businesses on the one hand and collecting relevant data, combining the "lakehouse integration" data middle platform, AI intelligent system, etc. to refine the value of data and provide data support for the diversified construction of banking business forms on the other.

Therefore, the joint-stock bank started the construction of a technology middle office platform to better support its core business by establishing an agile, platform-based and microservices distributed IT architecture system, aiming to make greater breakthroughs in the innovation of financial service models.

The construction idea of the technology middle office platform is guided by "enterprise architecture" based on "distributed + microservices + cloud native + componentization" IT architecture. With a deep understanding of the middle office and overall architecture capabilities, Sunline is responsible for the all-round optimization and upgrading of the bank's existing technology platform, helping the bank build and improve its enterprise-level unitized multi-active components, enterprise-level distributed transaction components, enterprise-level development tool components, and enterprise-level batch components, to ultimately reach the construction goal of "multi-location and multi-activity".

Being award the project and an in-depth involvement in the implementation is a good verification of Sunline at two levels. Firstly, Sunline has the ability to provide comprehensive and professional one-stop services from business consulting, architecture planning to technology implementation, seamlessly docking various types of needs of customers at all stages of business development. Secondly, Sunline's technology platform has accumulated rich and advanced technical experience in banking practices in recent years, and this time it can build an "aircraft carrier-level" middle office platform that supports the business development of the bank.

Policies are often regarded as the biggest driving force in the development of information innovation, but technological innovation also plays a pivotal role, and the actual needs of digital transformation in the financial industry have promoted the transformation of financial information innovation into a technology-driven market. Sunline will uphold the concept of openness and win-win, innovation and competition, to extensively collaborate with more excellent ecological partners in the industry, and at the same time concentrate its own advantages to achieve key breakthroughs. Sunline is committed to become a strong co-builder of the strategic transformation of more financial institutions, leaving a firm and far-reaching footprint with them in the practice journey of information innovation.

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