Sunline Deepens Data Governance from the Source, Simultaneously Awarded Core Banking and Business Projects
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With the successful commissioning of the new core system of a provincial city commercial bank, the bank has also awarded the data governance project to Sunline. As the main project vendor, Sunline has created a unique data governance system for the bank based on its deep knowledge and understanding of banking business processes, data systems, IT systems, etc., helping improve the top-level design of data governance, establish a data governance operation mechanism, and promote the implementation of data standards in the bank’s new core and peripheral systems.

Governance has turned data “swamps" into "gold mines"

Data governance, as an effective means for enterprises to manage and apply data assets, can drive the value creation of data elements in business, management, and strategic decision-making. In the era of digital intelligence, good data governance will bring irreplaceable competitive advantages to enterprises and is the only way for financial institutions to transform themselves.

As a leading financial IT solution service provider, Sunline has been deeply involved in the field of data governance for nearly 20 years, providing data governance consultation, program design, project implementation and other services for more than 100 financial customers. With the advancement of the wave of digital transformation, Sunline has always been driven by market demand, continuously innovating and upgrading the solution capabilities, forging industry-leading comprehensive data governance solutions including strategic planning, organizational structure system process design, data governance consulting, data governance platform development and implementation, etc.

Aiming to tackle the data governance issues at different stages and levels of financial institutions, Sunline tailors a set of practical short, medium and long-term solutions for customers based on their own blueprint and implementation route plan to help customers maximize the value of data assets and turn data “swamps" into "gold mines".

Treating the root cause, deepening data governance from the source

A city commercial bank started its data governance refresh in 2017, forming a governance structure of "one center, three fields, and three platforms". However, in the process, the transformation problem of source systems always seems like a mountain ahead, resulting in the difficulty of achieving the desired results in both the breadth and depth of governance. In 2021, the city commercial bank took the construction of a new generation of core systems as an opportunity to simultaneously launch a data governance project, aiming to improve the top-level design of data governance, establishing a data governance operation mechanism, as well as improving the ability and efficiency of data monetization and management.

The construction content of this project involves the improvement of metadata management, data quality management, master data management, data asset management, and the promotion of data standards in new core and peripheral systems. Since the data governance project team of Sunline won the bid in November 2021, after detailed research and meeting review, 95 systems of the bank were finally included in the scope of the bid. The scope and impact of the project are extraordinary, and the professional capabilities of the implementation team are also put forward higher requirements, in addition to rich experience in data governance implementation, it is also necessary to have a full understanding of the current situation of the bank's business and data. After one year, Sunline's data governance project team cooperated with the construction of the new core system and successfully created a unique data governance system for the city's commercial bank.

Promoting the implementation of data standards            

A good data standard system facilitates data sharing, interaction and application, and can reduce the work of data conversion between different systems. Sunline helped the bank complete the data standard work of 95 systems. Through unified data definition and standardized data management, the system broke through the dilemma of "different names between systems", solving problems such as inconsistent business descriptions and statistical indicators and greatly improving the efficiency of data sharing.

Effective governance of metadata           

Metadata is the foundation of data asset management, with the quality directly determining the availability of data assets. This project focuses on the supplementary and improvement of metadata. The completion rate reached 100%, making a clear, easy to understand and unambiguous data asset catalog, greatly improving the user experience. In addition, a standardized metadata system and process have been formulated to realize strong control of metadata change online, fully ensuring the standardization of data, allowing stable operations between upstream and downstream systems.

Improve data quality      

High-quality data is an important basis for analytical decision-making and business development planning. The data quality inspection system built by Sunline has been refined and sorted out nearly 1,000 data quality audit rules, realizing the closed-loop management of data quality problems from discovery to processing through the data quality problem processing process and related functions, thereby promoting the continuous improvement of data quality.

Establish a master data management system     

In view of the current situation that employee data is scattered everywhere and there is a lack of unified management, Sunline relies on the "Employee Master Data Governance Implementation Plan" to formulate and promote the implementation of employee master data to achieve unified coding, name, management, and bank-wide sharing of employee data.

Upgrade data governance tools 

-       Upgrade the data quality distribution function of the data management and control platform to make the process of solving data quality issues more standardized, systematic, and secure.

-       Launch the metadata change application work order functions including reviewing, approval, and release by the data governance platform to ensure the stable operations.

-       Upgrade the data asset management display and release process functions of the data management and control platform, improving data assets readability and ease of use.

Through the construction of this project, Sunline has joined hands with the city commercial bank to implement a set of mechanisms that continuously turn data into assets and future-proof the bank’s business through visible, understandable, usable and operational data. However, data governance is a long-term work, and in the follow-up operation, maintenance and monitoring process, Sunline will help the bank continue to ensure data quality, adapt to the diversified needs of continuous business development, and ensure steady improvement of the bank’s data quality.

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