Sunline's Bank General Ledger System Championed Shenzhen Division Finals in 2022 Kunpeng Application Innovation Competition, Qualifying for National Finals
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Recently, the Kunpeng Application Innovation Competition 2022 Shenzhen Division Finals ended successfully. The Kunpeng Application Innovation Competition is a top-level competition for developers around the world and this division competition was jointly organized by the Industry and Information Technology Bureau of Shenzhen Municipality, Shenzhen Nanshan People's Government, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., Financial Innovative Research Center, Kunpeng Industrial Source Innovation Center (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., Baode Computer System Co., Ltd., Tongxin Software Technology Co., Ltd., Kylin Software Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Software Industry Association, Shenzhen Nanshan District Financial Industry Association.

The division competition was conducted in the form of virtual defense and expert reviews. The participating teams were faced with challenges from different dimensions in terms of technology finance, digital government, and digital transformation of enterprises, and were required to use Kunpeng technologies and tools to develop and optimization, to come out with the most effective solutions to solve the challenges, with the ultimate goals to improve the level of industry informatization and operational efficiency.

Since the official launch of the division competition in Shenzhen, many well-known companies in the industry participated. After fierce rounds of competition and comprehensive review by experts from the competition organizing committee, 56 teams were selected from more than 900 teams in terms of program innovation, technological leadership, business prospects and social value. Sunline was crowned Champion in the openGauss open-source database track with the company’s full-stack Kunpeng ecosystem bank general ledger system and will advance to the national finals!

Program Highlights

Technical architecture features: Sunline’s general ledger is based on a microservices + distributed computing architecture, combined with distributed technology to achieve the effects of high cohesion, low coupling, high availability, high concurrency, high performance, and flexible expansion, best suited for equipping with a large number of innovative domestic products.

Distributed database: Sunline's general ledger adopts distributed scheduling + distributed database (OpenGauss) and other mechanisms to process day-to-day and end-of-day batch businesses,  realizing the system performance improvement, single point of failure avoidance, and ensuring the system by expanding applications and database nodes. Combined with the high availability deployment mode of dual centers in the same city and three centers in two places, the system can meet the requirements of leap-forward growth of business volume.

At present, the solution has passed compatibility certification, reliability verification, and security compliance inspection. Both Sunline and Huawei have jointly conducted the verification of the containerized deployment of the general ledger product, as well as the verification of product configuration functions and business scenarios. The solution has passed all performance tests and obtained the Kunpeng Technology Certificate.

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We look forward to seeing you at the 2022 Kunpeng Application Innovation Competition National Finals in Hangzhou!

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