Continuous Winning in the Competition Fully Demonstrates the Values of Sunline's Big Data
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As the cornerstone of the company's business development and solutions innovation, serving top major customers has always been a must for major financial technology vendors. Sunline's Big Data business has grown with more than 200 customer practices, and with its leading market share in the industry, the competitive advantage is obvious. So far in 2022, Sunline’s Big Data business has successively partnered with many leading banks in China, and recently won three projects of a joint-stock bank, continuing to exert efforts in this "top major customer" battle.

In recent years, the great wave of digital economy development has accelerated the digital transformation of financial institutions to the deep blue sea. As an important production factor in the digital economy era, big data is also a key element supporting the digital transformation of financial institutions. For financial institutions, "activating the potential of data and fully unleashing the value of data " has become an important and urgent issue.

As a leading domestic financial technology enterprise, Sunline has been deeply engaged in the construction of financial data system since its establishment. After 20 years of development, Sunline has witnessed and actively participated in the development of the financial industry from information digitization, business digitization to data-driven business. At present, the company has formed a comprehensive range of big data products, which can output a five-in-one overall solution of "seeking, gathering, management, calculation and use" for financial institutions, from business digitalization, digital assets, asset-for-service to service-for-business, activating the potential of data collected by the bank to help build an integrated data closed loop, ultimately realizing a smart bank with the support of financial technology.

In 2022, Sunline actively implemented internal strategic transformation and continued to deepen its 2.0 strategy. In terms of customer operation level, we continued to make efforts in four directions: head customer development, key customer operation, pan-financial development and overseas development. Based on super product strength and agile innovation ability, Sunline has created great milestones in the field of big data, winning projects for a number of heavyweight customer orders one after another, and recently swooped three big data projects for a joint-stock bank, covering several major capability systems such as data collection, data integration, data services, and data applications. This also confirms that in the competition for top major customers, Sunline has made obvious progress in the scope and depth of partnership with customers, showing strong competitiveness.

Credit card quasi-real-time calculation and service system upgrade project

Based on the quasi-real-time credit card calculation and service platform built in the early stage, the system accesses, processes and integrates the data in the bank in quasi-real-time around the direction of business development, provides near-real-time computing services for credit card business personnel to meet the environmental requirements of independent data services and computing for credit card developers.

Anti-money laundering (AML) inspection data management platform system upgrade project

Through the upgrade of the application system, it meets the regulatory requirements of the People's Bank of China and the needs of the development of anti-money laundering business, reduces the manual labor intensity of business personnel, improves the level of automated processing, and ensures the accuracy of operations.

Related party transaction monitoring system upgrade project

Through the construction and maintenance of the related party transaction monitoring platform system, the upgrade ensure automation ability of related party transaction data statistics in the bank, improving the level of business processing and management efficiency, and strengthening the ability of profit and risk control.

Under the tide of digital transformation, Sunline will bravely stand at the forefront of industry development, continue to promote customer business development strategies by adhering to the business direction of solution and product innovation, and creating a full-chain financial big data capability system with independent intellectual property rights with the mission to help financial institutions fully release the potential of data and ignite the "data engine" of financial digital transformation.

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