Sunline Big Data Business Achieve Another Important Milestone, Expands Footprint into Medical Healthcare Industry
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Data is essential in the digital economy era and a key factor supporting the digital transformation of financial institutions. For financial institutions, digging deep into the value of data and unleashing the potential of data is an important way to enhance core competitiveness.

As a leading domestic financial technology company, Sunline has long been in the forefront of the industry, in terms of market share in the field of financial data, serving more than 200 financial institutions around the world, implementing more than 1,000 various project cases, and participating in different levels of customer group support in the financial industry. The implementation of major projects has created many influential benchmark cases in the industry. Recently, Sunline's big data business has reached another important achievement milestone, with the winning of the bid for the data management platform (DMP) project of a health investment company. Sunline’s Big data products have entered the medical care and health industry for the first time.

A health investment company is the core leader of the domestic medical care and health industry, and is currently in a critical stage of rapid development. In the process of digital construction, how to best optimize the governance structure through data, promote the efficiency revolution, and create a profit model have become urgent problems to be solved. With the upgrading and adjustment of the company's strategy, the business side has a strong demand for the association, integration and analysis of data across different lines, and it is imperative to build a unified data management platform (DMP).

The DMP platform is positioned as a one-stop data platform for business, technology, and data management personnel. Different from the development and application of a single product, the platform integrates multiple product functions, including data portal, data service, data supplementary recording, operations and maintenance monitoring, etc., put forward higher requirements for the comprehensive capabilities of the project contractor in the field of big data. Sunline has mature solutions and products in data portal, data service platform, data supplementary recording platform, etc., and has been successfully verified in many bank and non-bank projects:

· Data portal: Bank of Changsha, Bank of Chengdu, Bank of Nanjing, etc.

· Data service platform: Bohai Bank, Shanghai Bank, Minsheng Bank, etc.

· Data supplementary records: Founder Securities, China CITIC Bank, Zhengzhou Bank, etc.

This project is the first “flag” of Sunline's big data products erected in the medical care and health industry. Sunline will rely on the industry-leading technology and experienced team to build a one-stop data work platform for a health investment company, covering five functional modules of portal management, service management, security management, operation and maintenance management and system management.

At present, it has become the consensus of the more industries to let data flow to create greater value. Based on the leading practice of financial data capabilities, Sunline will actively explore the diversified application of data in more business scenarios, so that the value of data can release development potential for more industries, and fully support the digital transformation of customers.

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