Sunline Shared Insights and Launched Joint Cloud Native Digital Loan Solution at HIFS 2022
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The Huawei Intelligent Finance Summit (HIFS) 2022, Huawei’s annual flagship event held in Marina Bay Sands, Singapore from July 20 to 22 with the theme of "Shaping Smarter, Greener Finance" convened hundreds of leading figures, KOLs, academic experts, and partners in the global financial industry to discuss how to shape green and digital finance in light of the future development trend of the financial industry.

At the HIFS "Building a Trusted and Innovative Cloud for the Financial Industry" sub-forum, Sunline, represented by Chief Strategy Officer, Mr. Matthew Chen, shared his insights about how banks can transform their core banking from Monolithic to DeFi, with in-depth discussion on redefining Banking 4.0 and introducing how banks can switch to a new core to realize quick customer acquisition and business volume increase.

Matthew Chen, Chief Strategy Officer of Sunline presenting at HIFS 2022

As a vital ecological partner of Huawei's financial industry, apart from sharing of insights during the summit, Sunline and Huawei also officially launched their joint cloud native digital loan solution. Built on Huawei Cloud, the solution adopts the enterprise-level microservices banking framework EDSP released by Sunline in 2020, creating a solution with novel experience, capabilities, speed, architecture and foundation.

The launching of Sunline and Huawei Joint Cloud Native Digital Loan Solution

At the cornerstones of national economies, financial institutions have an increasing need to realize contactless, digital, and online financial services, especially in the current post-pandemic situation. However, global banks are facing similar challenges in the course of their digital transformation journey with huge costs and risks to replace their legacy systems, limited budget and uncertain return on investment associated with transformation, lack of open business and technology experience, increasingly fierce competitions, and increasing demands of contactless service driven by the pandemic, etc., hence it is imperative to have a solution that can respond rapidly to the urgent need and requirements from both FIs and their customers in terms of digital financial services.

Sunline and Huawei Joint Cloud Native Digital Loan Solution adopts an open strategy, allowing financial institutions to launch a wide range of contactless services, such as online loan product campaign, customer E-KYC, risk assessment, fund disbursement, and post-loan processing. The solution supports rapid, dynamic horizontal scaling on both the business and system demands and provides DevOps continuous delivery assembly line to meet the increasingly agile development requirements of financial institutions. Ultimately, making banking much more convenient, while remaining user-friendly, timely, and professional, leading to better customer satisfaction, retention, and loyalty.

Sunline and Huawei have established multi-level in-depth collaborations with increasing successful implementation cases in the industry. In the future, further collaborations between Sunline and Huawei will bring greater innovation to the market, helping the global financial industry to accelerate their digital transformation.


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