Multiple Solutions from Sunline Selected as 100 Excellent Digital Transformation Cases in 2022
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Recently, the The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China and the People's Government of Guangdong Province jointly held the "2022 China Digital Economy Innovation and Development Conference". During the conference, the China Electronic Information Industry Association hosted the "Enterprise Digital Transformation Leading Manufacturing High-quality Development Forum" and Gao Sumei, Secretary-General of the association announced the first batch of the “100 Excellent Digital Transformation Cases in 2022". Sunline's distributed core business solutions, data asset management solutions and data lake solutions were enlisted.

In order to implement the relevant national decision-making and deployment, the forum has launched a collection of digital transformation solutions and application cases. This work has received many positive responses and participation from the majority of enterprises, and has been reviewed by experts from the dimensions of technological advancement, typicality, and promotion value. To date, there were 102 excellent cases launched, fully demonstrating the ability and level of China's information system construction and service enterprises.

Distributed core banking solutions

Relying on the long-term accumulated experience in the field of core banking systems, Sunline uses the industry's advanced self-developed technologies to build a new generation "microservices + unitized" architecture to meet current requirements of the banks as well as their explosive growth needs for future businesses development. At present, the system has been successfully launched and operated stably in nearly 100 banks including policy banks, state-owned banks, joint-stock commercial banks, and city commercial banks, setting quite a number of industry benchmarks for the digital transformation of banking institutions in the country.

Data asset management solutions

In the context of the in-depth advancement of digital transformation, strengthening data management and releasing the value of data elements has become a fundamental work that the financial industry attaches great importance to. Sunline has begun to deploy big data business as early as 2015, always driven by market demand to continuously carry out technological innovation, versions upgrading and solutions transformation, which comprehensively covers strategic planning, management mechanism consultation, implementation and product services, etc. At the same time, the automated and intelligent design minimizes manual workload, helping financial institutions carry out data asset management continuously and effectively. At present, the program has provided more than 90 financial customers with consultion, implementation, products and other services.

Data lake solutions

The highlight of Sunline's data lake solution is that it has opened up the data assets of enterprises in different fields such as theme models, data interfaces, data labels, data indicators, third-party data, behavioral data, etc., and subsequently analyzed and processed through big data platform, and promoted through reporting platform, etc. Various data services help account managers to understand customers' asset information and behavior preferences in an all-rounded way, effectively promoting marketing and risk control identification.

At present, the digital transformation and upgrading of thousands of industries has pressed been accelerated. Sunline will continue to focus on the financial field, insist on independent research and development, and consolidate the professional innovation ability of various products and services to be a leader and powerful partner for financial institutions in their digital transformation journey.

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