Sunline's 20th Establishment Anniversary and 10th Listing Anniversary Celebration – True to Our Original Aspiration, Together for Our Shared Future!
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Established 20 years ago, Sunline seized opportunities and averted challenges;

After 10 years of its listing, Sunline has been true to our investors and customers, gaining attention and confidence.

True to Our Original Aspiration, Together for Our Shared Future!

On June 25, 2022, Sunline ushered into our 20th establishment anniversary and 10th listing anniversary. The hybrid grand event conference brought together more than 6,000 Sunline employees from all over the world to share the delight.

At 2:00 p.m., the Chinese and English simultaneous live broadcast rooms first ignited the atmosphere of the conference.


To start of the conference, Chairman Mr. Wang first recalled the 20-year journey from the founding of Sunline, recollecting how the first batch of employees focus on their own innovation, the determination to empower customers and the belief in leading the development of the industry. Their determination and persistence have inspired every Sunliner today.


Next, President Mr. Li gave a speech on the operations of the Group. In the past year, Sunline has developed steadily, with a win rate higher than that of its peers. The market share and share of large financial institutions have remained stable. In the small and medium-sized banks market, our position was further consolidated. Financial services business, data business and overseas business all achieved rapid growth.


Since the listing of Sunline 10 years ago, our performance in the capital market has been remarkable. Ms. Xu, Secretary of the Board of Directors, shared the strategy of Sunline to maintain steady development, emphasizing that with the optimized layout of the company's strategy, Sunline will continue to improve in the future and bring more returns to investors.


The conference also broadcasted the wishes from customers and investors. One of the investor representatives said that he not only has a firm optimism for Sunline, but also sincerely believes that Sunline will achieve greater breakthroughs and development.


The brilliant achievements of Sunline in the 20 years since its establishment, in the words of Chairman Mr. Wang: "It not only depends on the support of national policies, the rapid development of the industry, the trust of customers and investors, but also the support of every Sunliner through their hard work and sweat".

The conference specially set up the awards for employees who have stood together with Sunline for 20, 10 and 5 years, expressing respect and gratitude to the old-time employees as well as awarding the annual outstanding managers, outstanding project managers, best newcomers, outstanding employees, outstanding teams, and special contribution awards.

As sung in the theme song "Starting from the Heart" for the company’s 20th anniversary celebration, "We always believe we stay side by side, never given up our original mission."

Standing on the financial technology reformation platform, Sunline will continue to grasp the trend of the times, creating a brighter future.

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