Sunline Marks a New Core System Transformation Journey for a Financial Company
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Recently, Sunline won the capital management information system upgrade and transformation project for Jiugang Group Finance Co., Ltd. (thereafter referred to as Jiugang Finance), supporting the rapid development of its various financial businesses and marking a major breakthrough for Sunline setting footprints in the financial company market in China’s Northwest region.

The fund management information core system is the most important IT infrastructure of a finance company because it not only carries the heavy responsibility of centralizing managements of the group's funds, but also provides service support for various financial businesses of the company. At present, the rapid development in the entire financial industry and the application of new technologies, to a certain extent, forces the rapid digitalization in financial companies.

Jiugang Finance was established in February 2011 with a registered capital of RMB 3 billion for the purpose of strengthening centralized management of funds and providing comprehensive financial services for its member companies. Jiugang Group is a pioneering diversified modern enterprise group with the largest scale steel products manufacturing and distribution in China’s Northwest region, with prestigious accolades including being the Top 500 Chinese Enterprises and Chinese Manufacturing Enterprises.

Starting from 2020, Jiugang Finance has spent two years in the selection process for its core system vendor through various methods such as invitation, communication, comparison, and analysis of a number of core system vendors in the industry to explore the best systems and solutions for financial companies. During the process, vendors were asked to build a system testing platform to allow Jiugang Finance to fully participate in system testing, analyze and refine the advantages and disadvantages of each system while also providing business references for the system selection. Jiugang Finance also visited and inspected many well-known financial companies in the industry to understand the benchmark for core system constructions and applications.

After a long period of analysis and peer research, Jiugang Finance believes that they should introduce the IT construction ideas and architectural planning schemes of commercial banks, and build a new generation financial company fund management system with the system construction concept of "small core + large peripheries", becoming the first to construct such core systems in the financial company industry.

Sunline's solutions for financial company are based on Sunline's core banking products, using advanced technology platforms and underlying structures to develop settlement, credit, bills, foreign exchange, bank-enterprise, etc. that support the business of financial companies. This forms a comprehensive solution for financial companies. More importantly, this solution fully adheres to the loose coupling idea of "small core + large peripheries". Each module is relatively independent and can be freely combined and matched. In this way, the liberty to choose system construction is truly given to the customer.

In addition, the advanced concepts and business innovation mechanism of Sunline’s financial product factory will enable Jiugang Finance to develop new financial products in a highly parameterized and componentized way in the future, shorten the launch cycle of new products, and reduce the repeated construction investments of its system and technology, allowing the finance company to respond more quickly to the needs of users and supporting new business developments.

The collaboration of Sunline and Jiugang Finance is a win-win. Sunline's industry-leading technology and experienced team will contribute and give greater value to the new core system of Jiugang Finance.

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