Sunline's LTTS Distributed Core Business Solution Selected as Winner at Huawei Kunpeng Developer Summit 2022
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On June 16, the Huawei Kunpeng Developer Summit 2022 was grandly held in Shenzhen. At this conference, Sunline’s LTTS Distributed Core Business Solution won the "Computer Business Kunpeng Flying Soaring Award".

(Kunpeng Selected Solutions Award Ceremony)

Kunpeng Developer Summit 2022 is the first annual flagship event for full-stack developers in the computing industry. Through in-depth analysis of industry technology leaders, thought leaderships sharing, and interactive guidance from on-site technical mentors, developers were able to fully understand Kunpeng's full-stack technology, latest releases, practical cases, and resources support, sharing extraordinary achievements.

Sunline’s LTTS Distributed Core Business Solution based on Kunpeng compatibility verification and full-stack optimization, is built on the concepts of customer-centric, business parameterization, multi-legal, product factory, interest rate marketization, rate parameters, committed to solving the problems faced by the bank's legacy core system and fully meeting the bank's future business development needs and at the same time realizing performance competitive advantages. At present, the program has won the Kunpeng Validated Technology Certification and Bronze Award at the Kunpeng Application Innovation Competition in 2021.

Relying on excellence, efficiency and agile implementation teams with professional and high-quality service concepts, Sunline has successfully partnered with nearly 100 banks such as Ping An Bank, Zhangjiagang Rural Commercial Bank, and China CITIC Bank, building robust core banking systems for them. The digital transformation process of banks has injected life at the source, promoting innovation and development of China's financial industry.

Sunline has always insisted on independent research and development for the 20 years of our establishment, with innovation as its core and technology as its starting point, leading the development of the industry all the way. In the future, the company will continue to deepen cultivation in the financial field, forging stronger collaboration with ecological partners such as Huawei to give full play to the values of building an ecosystem together, and drive the in-depth development of the innovation-led industry.

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