Yet Another Breakthrough | Sunline Helps Financial Holding Company Digitally Transform
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Recently, Sunline has made yet another new breakthrough in the field of financial holding companies, winning the project for a large domestic financial holding company to provide wealth management platform digital basic implementation services. The digital infrastructure implementation service of the company’s wealth management platform will equip the company with data capabilities and drive wealth management business with data.

Wealth management business has the characteristics of high profit margin, low capital occupation and strong stability. In recent years, it has become the key direction of strategic transformation of financial institutions. As the first batch of approved financial holding companies in the country, a large financial holding company took the initiative to seize the growth opportunity of the wealth management market and launched the digital infrastructure implementation service project for its wealth management platform. Relying on excellent solutions and rich practical experience, Sunline stood out from many competitors and won the project in one fell swoop!

As the foundation for the construction of the wealth management platform, the digital foundation project aims to build three capabilities, which includes customer insight capability, digital management capability and data fundamental capability:

·   Customer insight capabilities come from building a unified customer profile and value evaluation system from the perspective of the group to provide customer insight and analysis capabilities, as well as exploring customer needs.

·   Digital management capabilities integrate important wealth management indicators of various financial subsidiaries to form a unified business decision-making system with indicators as the starting point and realize management of business indicators with the help of automated and intelligent performance tracking and management tools.

·   Data basic capabilities realize the collection and integration of subsidiary data and financial control data, build a unified data foundation, and realize the management of data assets.

Based on the project construction needs of the financial holding company, Sunline will combine its long-term accumulated leading practices in the data field to help customers build the solid data capabilities and lay a strong foundation for the construction of a comprehensive financial wealth management system.

As an important organizational part of China's financial system, the digital transformation of financial holding companies is imperative. In the future, Sunline will continue to polish our products and solutions to always be prepared from business digitization to digital assetization and activate the potential of data elements of enterprises, ultimately promoting the high-quality development of financial services of financial holding companies.

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