The Core System Project for Yunnan Hongta Bank Successfully Launched | Another Step Forward Towards Their Innovation-driven Journey
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Recently, the new core system of Yunnan Hongta Bank was officially launched. This project actively responded to the policy orientation of localization, and created a practical precedent for Sunline's V8 core system to be deployed in a city commercial bank with a domestic distributed database + cloud platform.

Strategy drives change

Yunnan Hongta Bank laid out its digital transformation earlier, focusing on the a two-wheel-driven strategic development idea of an "industrial bank + technology bank", to provide customers with personalized, intelligent scenario-based innovative financial services with a total asset scale of more than RMB 140 billion. In 2020, Hongta Bank won the IDC China Digital Transformation Excellence Award under the "All-round Experience Leader" and the IDC China Financial Industry Innovation Award under the “Inclusive Financial Technology Application Scenario".

Under digital financial services trend, mobile payment scenarios, and inclusive development of financial services, the core system of banks faces the challenges of massive transactions, large-scale scenarios as well as 24x7 uninterrupted services; requiring high performance, high availability, low operating cost and scalability. With the continuous expansion of the bank's operating scale, the scenario-based and ecosystem development, the improvement of users' needs and experience, the core system of the bank also need to be able to respond to banking business innovation more quickly, efficiently and accurately.

Innovation to improve services

In March 2021, Yunnan Hongta Bank launched the construction of the new generation core system. After comprehensively considering the characteristics of the current business, the infrastructure capabilities of the Bank and the needs future development planning, the "cloud computing + microservices + distributed” architecture was adopted.

Sunline won the bid and started the project in April 2021. It has fully reconstructed the business and technical architecture of the original core system, and has undertaken the construction of the general ledger system and the transformation of some data systems. A new distributed architecture that ensures high availability and flexible horizontal expansion can support the Bank's business and strategic development in the next 8-10 years.

After the new core system is put into operation, Yunnan Hongta Bank has the capability of serving 100 million customers and a daily transaction volume of RMB 100 million, capable of processing about 500,000 average online transactions per minute and an average transaction response time of no more than 300 milliseconds. It can achieve comprehensive services to the greatest extent. The construction of the new system fully reflects the customer-centric concept, allowing customers to enjoy efficient, convenient and diversified financial services, bringing Yunnan Hongta Bank's digital financial application capabilities and service levels to a new level through:

·   A new product factory that realizes product componentization, parameterization, configuration and template, greatly improving product configuration capabilities and rapid market launch capabilities, and banking business innovation support.

·  A new pricing factory that flexibly realize multi-dimensional and multi-level pricing support, helping banks achieve differentiated pricing for customers and maximizing the implementation of bank marketing strategies.

·  A more robust account structure to flexibly support an account system that combines virtual and reality, integrating local and foreign currencies to meet the bank’s efficient support for a variety of corporate and personal complex business scenarios with the ability to efficiently expand future businesses.

Team achievements

The Sunline project team adheres to the Sunline spirit of innovation and development, genuine team work and responsibilities. During the implementation process, they actively discussed innovative plans with friends and businessmen, working with external experts to overcome difficulties. The execution ability has won unanimous praise from the leaders and peers in the bank.

Sunline delivered on time in about 13 months. During the project implementation, the team went deep into business scenarios and seamlessly connected with cloud and database manufacturers, injecting new momentum into the overall strategy and digital transformation of the innovation-driven path of Yunnan Hongta Bank.

Great news on the successful launch of the core project for Yunnan Hongta Bank! After 5 rounds of production and a 416-day implementation cycle, this project created a practical precedent for Sunline's V8 core system to deploy domestic distributed database + cloud platform in a city commercial bank. Cheers!

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