Sunline Helps Fujian Haixia Bank Open a New Chapter in Digitalization with a New Core
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Recently, the new generation core banking system project of Fujian Haixia Bank has been successfully put into operation. As the main vendor of this project, Sunline has always focus on the "customer-centric, product-oriented, and data-driven" construction concept, providing a new power engine for the high-quality development of the Bank.

The decision to speed up its core change based on long-term development strategy

As a local joint-stock commercial bank, Fujian Haixia Bank has adhered to its original aspirations from generation to generation in its 25-year development history, observing to the market positioning of "serving the local economy, serving small and micro enterprises, and serving urban and rural residents", striving to explore differences. It has gradually formed a business characteristic and competitive advantage in line with the local economic development. The Bank ranked 53rd in the "Top 100 Fujian Service Enterprises in 2020", and the brand value has been continuously improved.

The country’s "14th Five-Year Plan" pointed out that creating new advantages in the digital economy and accelerating digital transformation of the financial industry has become the general trend. For the banking industry itself, the legacy cores of traditional banks are mostly unable to adapt to the requirements of the new era with the introduction of a large number of new technologies such as mobile Internet, big data, and distribution. In order to achieve the Bank’s business development goal of becoming the national first-tier city commercial banks, Fujian Haixia Bank must upgrade and optimize its core system and build an information system architecture system that can adapt to the future development trends.

As a leading manufacturer in the core banking field, SunLTTS V8, a new-generation banking core system with a "microservices + distributed" architecture has pioneer the country, becoming one of the company's sharp-edged products with fully forward-looking business and advanced technology and has been verified and recognized by many banks.

With the knowledge and experience accumulation as well as innovation capabilities in the financial industry, Sunline was awarded the project to construct the new core for Fujian Haixia Bank in January 2021, becoming a competent partner for the Bank on their digital transformation road and working together to start the innovation and replacement of the core system for Fujian Haixia Bank.

With the blessing of innovation-driven, we join hands in a new journey

The new generation core banking project for Fujian Haixia Bank adopts the most mainstream SpringBoot + SpringCloud system, microservices distributed technology architecture on the market, and is equipped with a TDSQL domestic database to build a customer-centric debit card and account management. The system provides a deposit transaction system with 7x24 hours of uninterrupted service for individuals, corporates or customers.

Through layered architecture system of service access layer, platform control layer, service component layer, and database layer, the construction and implementation of the core is realized, greatly improving the development efficiency.

The new system architecture has three major capabilities: horizontal expansion, load balancing as well as service splitting and deployment, maximizing timely, efficient, and accurate handling of various types of business and improving the level of risk prevention, control and operation management of the Bank, ultimately enhancing customer experience level.

After 14 months of hard work, the project was officially launched on May 3, 2022. The new core, accounting and general ledger systems, as well as data standards and data warehouses were deployed simultaneously. The smooth launching of the project has also opened a new chapter in the high-quality development of Fujian Haixia Bank, in which the daily batch running has been reduced from 1 hour to about 10 minutes while the quarterly interest settlement has also been reduced from 3 or 4 hours to 30 minutes. The performance of the new core far exceeds the Bank’s legacy core, helping the Bank minimize operating costs while maximizing efficiency and risks.

In the era where digital transformation has become the main theme, Sunline has been a preferred vendor for many banks in China with not only knowledge and experience in core financial fields for 20 years but also a deep understanding of the banking businesses and rich implementation experience in providing core system solutions for nearly 100 banks, creating one benchmark project after another in the core system of banks. In the future, Sunline will continue to use professionalism and innovation to lead the development direction of the core system by continuing to actively embrace the transformation of financial technology and drive our future development with professional innovation.

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