Achieving Digital Transition for Performance Management through Value Management Platform
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With the development of interest rate liberalization, the spread of interest rate spread is gradually narrowing and the profit pressure for commercial banks is greatly increased. The mushrooming of private banks also intensifies peer competition. In addition, the acceleration of financial innovation and disintermediation severely challenges the market competitiveness and profitability of commercial banks. In order to prevent systemic financial risks, the state has become stricter in supervision with higher top-down management requirements and control capabilities of commercial banks.

The future management of banks is bound to develop in the direction of refinement and differentiation. Performance management is precisely an important management method for endogenous growth and comprehensive performance management has become the key to the successful digital transformation and upgrading of financial enterprises.

The concept of operating middle-office and financial digitization by value can achieve the effect of "a thousand-pound distribution".

The performance management business of Sunline has been deployed since 2007, assembling a group of professionals in the performance subdivision field to form a complete team covering the entire product line. Relying on the group's business understanding of the banking industry, and the depth of the value management concept using the advantages of core transactions, big data processing, and other aspects, the team's efficient collaborative work and agile service support ensure that each project exceeds the expected implementation effect, and ultimately achieving the core position of "unicorn" in the field of performance management in the financial industry.

Since 2020, Sunline has achieved remarkable results in the performance management market, whether it is new business opportunities or market projects. The frequent reports of good news and the siege of the city are the verification of the strength of Sunline, and the recognition of the top customers is the best advertisement for the company:

1. Winning the project for the rural commercial bank with the largest asset scale in the country signifying that it has absolute competitiveness in the rural commercial bank system.

2. Winning the project for the national benchmark top city commercial bank, marking a prominent leading position in the big bank.

3. Won the project for a state-owned policy bank and an international bank, further increasing its foothold in the big bank.

4. Winning the projects for Fujian Provincial Associated Press and Taipusi Rural Commercial Bank, marking not only leading the big banks but also starting to lead the provincial rural credit and small and medium-sized farmers' commercial performance management market.

5. Winning the projects of Guiyang Rural Commercial Bank, Suining Bank, Ningbo Donghai Bank, etc., marking the advanced experience to other surrounding customers.

Big banks are taking advantage of the situation to practice digital assessment

Sunline provides performance management system services for more than 70 bank customers. In recent years, all kinds of leading banks and large featured banks pay more attention to improving their management level with technology and empowering their businesses with an efficient performance management system.

From the comprehensive perspective of comprehensive value management, Sunline introduces the concept of value management in the mid-end stage, and creates a digital management system with "three-dimensional assessment, intelligent process, and visual management" for banks of trillions and 100 billion, helping banks to comprehensively improve the efficiency of operation and supervision and management, improve the business level and operating efficiency, and ultimately promote the development of digital transformation.

Comprehensive closed-loop management

Taking a state-owned policy bank and Shenzhen Rural Commercial Bank as examples, problems such as insufficient uniformity of data caliber, high degree of manual dependence, insufficient degree of processes, unclear performance, and insufficient segmentation of assessment products are becoming more obvious in the process of business development.

The performance management system of Sunline decomposes the annual strategy into performance analysis, forms a closed loop of strategy-task-assessment-analysis management, realizes multi-dimensional, multi-index, and whole-process combined evaluation, which effectively motivates and promotes the implementation of bank strategies.

Complete value chain assessment

Taking a leading city commercial bank and an agricultural commercial bank with the largest asset scale as an example, the performance management system scattered in various business lines has been unable to quickly respond to the differentiated assessment of multiple institutions, positions, and lines needs with the rapid development of the business.

The performance management system of Sunline focuses on different business activities and promotes the bank to realize the differentiated assessment of all employees from top to bottom and from the front to the back. Differentiated services to achieve fair and reasonable assessment improves the enthusiasm of employees.

Diversified auxiliary expansion

Taking foreign bank as an example, the implementation of a series of strategic projects such as "retail transformation" and "digital transformation of supply chain finance" during the restructuring of a Sino-foreign joint venture bank into a Chinese-funded commercial bank has instigated urgent needs to stimulate the business potential of the entire bank.

Sunline's performance management system implements the "customer-centric" theory, allowing the bank to maintain and expand customers anytime and anywhere through performance management, customer portraits, and customer management drives the enthusiasm of employees and promotes the development of bank performance.

The middle-office system capabilities drive overall innovation growth

Strengthening the digital construction of performance management systems is a new way of performance management of commercial banks.

Sunline Performance Management System, on the basis of rich implementation experience and precise control of business development, integrates in-depth analysis of the concept of value management in the middle-office and establishes a unique value performance management system.

1. Rich and flexible functions

Supports customizing multiple assessment modes, configuring multiple indicators and personalized charts, and diversifying performance distribution to make assessment data more accurate.

2. Flexible architecture design

Supports multi-legal person structure and flexible configuration, and is suitable for different situations of IT status and future planning of each bank.

3. Highly configurable

Business personnel can customize business plans, display effects, and business coefficients at any time, and technicians can also flexibly configure system functions and parameters.

4. Fully support innovation

In the application technology architecture, the self-developed microservices architecture fully adapts to the mainstream domestic hardware resources, databases, middleware, IAAS, and PAAS platforms, helping the bank to achieve credit innovation, application development and technological innovations in the cloud include:

- A project of a state-owned policy bank connected to the MYSQL database

- Xiamen International Bank project connected to Tencent TDSQL database

- Guiyang Rural Commercial Bank project connected to Dameng V8 database

- Chongqing Rural Commercial Bank project connected to Ali MaxComput database

- Hua Xia Bank project connected to the Huawei GaussDWS database

The advantage of Sunline's performance management system makes full use of the value management platform, improves target management, pays attention to value evaluation and assessment, unifies the company's strategic goals and employees' personal goals, and ultimately maximizes the efficiency of human resource utilization.

Transformation and upgrading is an inevitable trends in the development of financial enterprises. The banking industry has the highest level of refinement of the performance compensation systems. Scientific and reasonable performance appraisal can maximize organizational reform and innovation and is an effective way to promote the healthy and rapid development of the business.

Sunline Performance Management System is not only tailored for large banks to drive their business innovation and performance growth but also begins to provide overall strategic layout planning in performance management for small and medium-sized banks on the basis of precipitating valuable experience in large banks through a full-stack integrated operation service from consulting to implementation.

Sunline Performance Management System accurately grasps the digital management method, and the performance management of the value management concept in the middle stage is managed and controlled from the perspective of the whole bank, which can better promote business cooperation, unify assessment standards, improve assessment efficiency, and adapt to the continuous development of commercial banks in different circles. business scope, and promote the steady operation and sustainable development of commercial banks with refined and endogenous growth.

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